Fall tour October November 2015

Automn Leaves Tour.

On the road again.

 Few weeks have passed by since the last Tour.

I was not sure to do the next one. I had many doubts and questions as usual, plus the Tour is in the Fall and will start north in the Scandinavian countries : dark and cold.

Life is good to me, I have some free time and a few bucks in my pocket.
I decide to take another chance to see THE Bob.

I will plan only for the October leg.
Transportation will be by train with a Rail pass, accommodations will be the Couchsurfing community.

My first luck is to find a Bob Dylan fan in Oslo who will accept to provide for a room.

The cheapest flight from Paris is with Ryanair on the 29th.
I will use car sharing community called ´bla bla car´to reach Beauvais Airport.
First ride from Angers to Paris ad second from Paris to Beauvais.
Everything went smoothly with always hours of delay and waiting, but it is fine.
I have a tablet and I can connect to WIFI.

Haaward is waitig for me at the Moss Rygge Airport. Thank you Haaward.
We spend a nice evening chatting and listening to Bob.
Next day is relax day with a walk around the lake and a nice dinner with french wine.

1st of October Oslo.

Relaxed morning. In the late afternoon we both take a train to the venue.
There is a pre show meeting in a bar called Tempest.
We spend half an hour with some Bobcats. Nothing really excited for me as they do not consider me part of the Club. We meet Bjorne there.
To my consternation I see that M. is here in Oslo, as I know that D. is also coming, I start to panic.I surly did not want to see them again together.
We need tickets so we move to the venue around 6 pm as the show will start at 7.30 pm.

I have my sign out : I need a free ticket.
F. is here and T.

D. arrives and immediately asks me where is M. as if telling me she is around. F.ck. Is he teasing me or is it me?
I see D. buying finally a ticket at the box office so I decide to buy the first one, just to know about the setlist and what to expect from the rest of the Tour.

In the mid time Hawaard left , telling me there is an emergency in his family.

I move to my seat with excitement.
Bob and the Band start on time.
Not too much change from the last Tour. A lot more Sinatra songs.
Bob is promoting the last of his albums.
7 out of 20 songs.
His voice is terribly bad and one of the Sinatra song sounds horrible. He cannot do the high pitch.
I am disappointed as the other Dylan songs are the same as the last Tour.
Bad for a start.
Bjorne walks me back to the Train station ad I found out a bad story.
Hawaard´s brother killed himself. That will influence the atmosphere during my 3 days in Oslo.

2nd of October Oslo.

I am now alone in the appartment as Hawaard will take care of his family.
I will meet Bjorne in the afternoon and we take a walk in the city of Oslo.
Irene will join us for a dinner before show time.
I have a quick look at the party inside the Tempest Bar but as M. is around I rapidly move to the venue.
Irene and D. frenetically look for ticket and will buy two.
I need a free one. I will not pay tonight for a show that will be the copy of yesterday, I am sure.
So. No ticket until the intermission. We know fans are going out for a smoke at the intermission and there is a possibility to sneak in.
Yes! At least I see the second part. Practically the same as yesterday except a Sinatra song changed for another one.
I am not super excited. nothing to lift my spirit high.
Bjorne walks me back to the train station again as we do not feel like drinking at the Tempest crowdy and noisy tonight.

3rd of October Oslo.

Breakfast with Hawaard.
I will meet Bjorne and Viktor in the afternoon. We go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner before show time.
No Tempest today, we just have a beer at a cafe next to the venue.
No free ticket tonight. Just sneaking in at the intermission.
No seats are available. Shit! I stand up in the back of the last row.
No good at all. I do not appreciate anymore.I saw D. and M. together and that disturbed me.
M. is trying to say hello : nice or teasing? How can she believe we could be friends?
We walk back to the train station again Bjorne and I. Half an hour and I am home.

Those three days in Oslo had been disturbing. Nothing happened like I imagined, nothing.
M. being here stops me for talking to D.
Hawaard had trouble with family.
Bob is not the best on stage.
On the positive side : the weather is a lot better than I imagined.
I am in a nice and warm house(practically all by myself).
I had a good time with Bjorne, Viktor and Irene.
I had good food.

And well! I saw Bob Dylan on stage.

But I still have to decide if I go on or not.
M. will be with D. in Stockholm.
That should not disturb me so much if only I could focus on the shows.
But the Sinatra songs were never my cup of tea.
Sinatra is a big figure in the states but here in Europe? who knows him and who cares? Plus this is crooner songs not Rock and Roll.

4th of October from Oslo to Stockholm.

I finally had a positive answer for a Couchsurfing in Stockholm so...Let´s go.
I also changed my judgement about the setlist. After all Bob had always do what he wanted to. He never cared about the critics.
He was booed when he turned electric, when he did country and western albums, when he sung about Jesus so...
He will not do what I want but what he feels fit the best for him at the moment.
I have to change my expectations.

I catch a train in Oslo in the late afternoon.
The train starts with one hour delay.
It will arrive in Stockholm with one hour ad half delay.
Simona is waiting for me at the Metro Station.
We walk to her apartment : nice and warm.
The only problem is I have to leave with her early morning for there is no other set of keys.
Nice shower, short night.

5th of October Stockholm.

We take the metro at 8 am to T central.
I will spend the whole day in downtown Stockholm.
Going to the libraries, here and there to get warm and use a computer.
I meet with Bjorne around 6 pm in front of the Waterfront. The same as 2 years ago.
I remember I could not get in the second show last year so I am not extra confident for a free ticket but...miracles happen.
Two gentlemen hand me an envelope with 2 tickets after one hour or so standing in the cold.
I an confused.I say "why do you give me those tickets?". One says " because you ask for it".
I wanted to give one to T. but things happened and he is mad at me so, I decide to sell it and make some money for the road. 500 krones,  like 50 Euro. Good to buy food and drinks.
I see D. and M. She is teasing me, showing off. But I do not care. I will go in.

The seat is not too bad. A little bit far but the venue is small, the view is good.
I am suddenly in a good mood. My luck has come.

And yes!
The show is excellent. Fantastic.
Song after song.
The first Sinatra "the night we called it a day" is remarkably sung. His voice is clear and he can hold the note long.No high pitch , so it fits Bob´s voice.
I have my Shot of Love for a long, long time. I never felt so good, so happy to be here.
Bob is playing on the melody of "Dusquesne whistle", singing boogy woogy style.
He is in a good mood.

The second part is slightly down energy. Maybe he is tired.
But the songs are well done, except maybe "where are you". I would change that one for "Stay with me".
I leave the venue in a state of chock...oh whoa!

With Bjorne we check out if we can have a beer with some Bobcats I like, but the pub is full so we decide to go to bed.
I take the metro back home without any problem and after a warm cup of tea ad a chat with Simona I go to my couch for a short night sleep.

6th of October Stockholm.

Early rise, a nice breakfast with Simona and off we go.
Again a long walk in the city before I meet with Bjorne for a cup of tea.
We move to the Waterfront.
Miracle or no miracle?
But in fact I am so satisfy with my last night and day that I will not feel too bad without a ticket.
That would just be great to go in though.
No miracle tonight.
I take the metro early tonight, I have a nice warm bath, chat on Facebook with my friends and go to bed.

Talks have been going on about the setlist.
The old Bobcats do not feel happy about a static setlist and songs that are not bob Dylan songs.
The young generation of followers is more enthusiastic as they are less aware that in the past the setlist was moving a lot from one show to another.
As for Bobby himself , I believe he doesn´t care about what Fans expect or not.
He will always please some and disappoint others.
He cannot please everybody, so he must as well just please himself.


7th of October Copenhagen.

I leave at 8 am as usual and go straight to the train station. I catch a 12h12 train to Copenhagen. Nice trip, comfortable and easy.

My Couchsurfing Host from 2 years ago is now a good friend of mine and accepted me in his apartment. Cool!
Mack will fetch me at the metro station. We walk 1\4 of an hour to his place.
Nothing has changed in 2 years.
A small apartment with one bedroom for Mack and the living room for his room mate.
I take the bed and Mak put a mattress for himself on the floor. He works strange hours and he has to be up at 3 am.
A shower and a good night sleep.

8th of October Copenhagen.

I spend most of the day in the apartment. I take a nap in the afternoon.
6 pm. It is time to take the metro towards the venue : The Radisson Blu Hotel.
Same as 2 years previous.
It is cold outside, begging for a ticket.
After 2 hours I have no luck and I give up, walking to the Metro station. As I realise it is too early to go back to Mack´s apartment(I don´t have the key) I return to the Radisson Blu for a try.
I bump into Patrick, a Fan who had been looking for a ticket as well. We are friends on Facebook but I didn´t recognise him. He says tomorrow will be his birthday and he´s got 2 tickets. No more.
Well! I go to Mack´s appartment wondering why we met. Everything happens for a reason.

9th of October  Copenhagen.

We contact each other through FB and decide to visit Copenhagen together. We have lunch in christiania and go see the Little Mermaid and so. By the time we go back to the Blu, we are both tired.
At 6 pm I take my stand at the door with my sign for a free ticket. Mack will join me, just in case we could get 2 tickets. Another young Fan is looking for a free entrance and to my surprise he is the same as in Cosije. No luck.
At 7.45 pm Patrick steps out and hands me one of his tickets. Woah! We run inside immediatly. I don´t know where is Mack and I am sorry for the Cosije kid but...
We have a wonderfull time. Patrick is a nice companion, nothing like lunatic D.
D. and M. are 2 rows in front of us. They will both move right front row, God knows with what trick.
It seems now like a movie story.
I don´t care. I enjoy myself very much.
I find this show fantastic though it is the same as usual.
I join Patrick in his room for a while until I reach Mack and it is ok for me to go to the other place.
A little bit weird and complicated but...fine. I feel good with two good friends taking care of me.

10th of October Malmö

Malmö day.
My plan was to stay over night in Malmö with a CS Host but...
Patrick offers me to stay with him at the Radisson Blu after the show.
I meet with Patrick in the early afternoon and we take the train to Malmö.
The venue is close to the train station. We ask at the box office for tickets but there is nothing avaliable. They say it is Sold Out. Bad!
We walk in the center town and drink some coffee and tea.
As we walk in a small street we see some Bob Dylan painting in a Gallery! We step in.
Something weird happened, like we are in a parallel world.
Some reproductions of BD Art are on the walls for sale. I take photos and we have a long talk with a vendor. I learn a lot about Bobby´s picture Art. They are extramely well sold and gain value every year.
The Brazil series belong to the Danish governement and they lend the paintings to Galleries around the world.
Only 7 Galleries around the world are aloud to sell BD Art, none are American.
The Asian series still belong to Bob.
Bob had be seen in the Gallery the day before. The owner Lady didn´t recognize him first and was talking to Bob´s girl friend (or just a woman friend?) about Bob Dylan Art when Bob looked at her straight in the eyes. Embarrassing!
Patrick would like to buy a water color but at the last moment another buyer will get it. Too bad! plus we still don´t have any ticket.
We move back to the venue when by some kind of miracle 2 tickets are avaliable at the box office. Patrick buy them. We are IN. woah!
Nice venue, brand new theater., modern decorum.
I feel in another dimension , my eyes are full of the BD Art from the Gallery. Not that I am fond of his paintings but I could never believe they were so much popular.
The show is great. We are too far to see BD face. He should be happy!

Patrick wants to try a casino, I want to eat.
I swallow a Hamburger and fries. Well! If the spirit is fine, the body gonna be fine!
Back to the train station and back to the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen.
I have an excellent night sleep for a long time.

11th of October Copenhagen. 

A day off.
I stay in Copenhagen as Patrick invited me to stay at the Blu.
We have a relax day.

I had a wonderfull stay in Copenhagen.
Maybe not so much for the shows as for the company.
2 beautifull men cared about me.

-Mack whose life is not easy and not wealthy but he shared with me everythings he has : a room, a kitchen, a telephone, his smile, his patience and kindness.
-Patrick who I met by  a "simple twist of fate". We were meant to be friends.
He was generous. He spontaneously proposed to share his room at the Blu. He bought me 2 tickets for the shows. He was a listener to my stories about Bob Dylan.  Showed interest and was not jealous.
We had a wonderfull time sharing about BD.

Those 2 persons, BD Fan or not gave me a mental balance and proved that I am not wrong when I believe in solidarity.
They balanced the terrible feelings I had from the Bobcats\followers.
For some reasons I have been ostracized since I am back on the road.
I have been misunderstood. As soon as I say hello to a familiar face he is assuming I want something : a ticket, a room, food...
Wrong. I don´t actually beg. I ask for what people don´t need or don´t want or for what they want to share willingly. I am just happy to see some familiar fans.
I don´t ask for charity. Charity is a terrible thing :
For the one who gives, it is a snobbish attitude.
For the one who receives, it is humiliation.
We are all equal and we were borne babies without fear, jealousy or greed.
We were educated different ways. We grew up individualist and selfish ... more or less.
Lucky those who have money, it helps to be free. But where there is less money, there is more solidarity.
The wealthy ones should not take it for granted and not look down on those who have less.
I always thought "like a rolling stone" was about that philosophic lesson. But... I might be wrong.

I am not a Hippy or a Dead Head. I don´t believe in "Peace and Love" or that we are all "brothers and sisters".
Coming from some Hippies who turned Yuppies in the 80´ it sounds a lot hypocrisy.
They are Hippies for the 2 hours of a BD show.
I might be the type that believe in "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth".
You hurt me, I hurt you. Why should I be the one to suffer and be humiliated?
If you let the strong ones bullying you, they will take power. And it is what they do.

I was a fool to believe Bob Dylan songs could change people. The Hard core Fans just worship their Idol because they can´t be HIM. He is their consciousness and their humanity.
That was the LESSON of the day.
I feel better now.
Not a "piece of shit" a "nuts" or a "freeloader" but just ... ME.


12th of October Leipzig.

I arrive late in the afternoon in Leipzig. I have just time to drop my bag at my CS Host apartment and take a metro to the Venue : Gewandhaus. Again, a beautifull Theater with expensive tickets : 175 euros. Thanks god we are back in the Euro zone.
The public is according to the price : old and snobish. No way to get a free entrance for no one.
I freeze my ass until the intermission.
2 persons are leaving the venue. I ask kindly if they could give me their ticket stubs and they do.
For one second I think of Freddy and think about giving one ticket stub to her but ... no.
I run inside to get warm and feel better.
I tried to say hello to D. (without M. now) but he walked away from me. Lost for good!
No contact what so ever except Franky who seems happy to see me and Brigitte who says hello.
The sound inside the venue is not as good as expected, at least on the balcony.
Bob will do his routine with no surprise or emotion. I don´t see his face from where I am.
Until now I had not been close enough to see his expressions.
One day!
I take the metro back to the apartment. I sleep on the couch and leave early in the morning.
Leipzeig will not stay in my mind as a beautifull  adventure, for sure.

13th of October Berlin.

My CS host left the key of the apartment under the mat. Cool!
Some people are so great!
I spend the whole day in the apartment writing my Blog.
The weather outside is not the best and I have been in Berlin before.
I take the U12 to the Tempodrom around 6 pm.
3 black buses are parked in the back of the venue. Bob has his bus finally?
The crowd is enjoying some drinks and beers before they open the doors. The show is not a general admission. They put seats on the floor this year. I see few Fans I know . "hello and bye!".
My sign distracts the good people.
Someone I know from nowhere hands me a ticket. I am surprised and happy. I can go in and be warm.
I don´t know where my seat is but for sure I do not want to be in the middle of a row. I take a seat next to the light board, a seat without number, cool! It fits me : none is the number and black is the color.
The show is slightly late. oh well ! not so much, few minutes.
Bobby stepping or sliding to the front mike. I am not sure how to describe his walk those days.
The usual for a start and a ...final.
He messed up twice with the lyrics of "Duquesnes Whistle". He must be thinking of his woman he left hidden at the Hotel!
I forget he is singing Sinatra, try to picture him writing those crooner songs.
I sing and dance as if no one is seeing me, as my friend Nichole suggested. Yea! Be crazy! What the hek!
Nothing like a wonderland, here in Berlin, just glad to be back and enjoying THE MAN I have worshiped for so many years.
I can´t drop a long time friend just because he is going his way...and I go mine.

14th of October Berlin

I get up with Ulrike for breakfast and a chat.
She leaves at 8 am for work, I am on my own with the 2 cats.
As I have access to a computer I start planning my next leg Tour, the November part.
I need to find a way to reach London from Paris. The easiest and cheapest will be to fly EasyJet so I book a flight.
Then I book 6 nights in a cheap Youth Hostel. I had no positive answer from any Couchsurfing Host. London is busy and I need 6 nights. Usually too many for a Host.
I request for Eindhoven and Amsterdam. I will probably skip Rouen, unless of a miracle.
I already have a positive answer for Brussels. My Host is a Dylan Fan and will go to the show with me. Cool!
I plan to stop the Tour in Amsterdam...we´ll see.
I have a nice quiet day until 5.30 pm when I receive a message from Johannes telling me Helmut is sick and he can´t go to the show, I could retrieve his ticket.
I rush to the metro then bus number 245. I meet Helmut, grab the tickets (one for Braunschweig as well) and move in another bus to the Tempodrom.
I make it right on time for "She belongs to me". My seat is on the balcony. I am fine.
I am up dancing when a security guard asks me to take my seat. ok!
I enjoy myself. I focus on the stage and Bobby seems alright but he is bending a lot on his knees those days. Pain or nervous tic?
He does good on "Duquesnes whistle". I have suddenly the feelings he would like to be somewhere else. Just doing his JOB and go. My feelings?
I see the floor and the first man that comes in front of my eyes is ...D. He looks skinny, so far away. Really nervous too.
(Miss. M. left the Tour). He is chatting with Andrea and another man.
He looks lunatic.
I feel differently now each time I see him, more detached.
Of course he is second row center. He always find the way to a good seat. Bribes?
I still do not understand why he likes Bob Dylan so much. They seem to be so much opposite caracters. Who knows?
I enjoy the second part. The early Roman kings" are good, powerfull.
Of course "Love sick" is the highlight. I wonder if he should put this one earlier in the setlist in order to put some punch to the show.
"Long and wasted years" should do the trick but every time he is doing a Sinatra song, the enthusiasm falls down.
"Tangled up in Blue" always steers the public up. The only one all the fans associate with and ..."Blowing in the wind".
I rush to the metro right after the show as I promise my CS Host to spend some time with her.
We have a glass of Riesling and we talk about psychologie, as she is a schrink.
She helps me a little bit with my Drama about Mr. R. and Miss. M. but somehow I still do not want to hear.
I am satisfied of my stay in Berlin. It had been calm and smooth.
Thank you all my dear friends who had been helping me.
Thank you Bobby!

15th of October Braunschweig.

I catch the 12. 25 train from Berlin , going straight to Braunschweig.
The trip is only 1 hour and 25 minutes.
I have a nice conversation with a woman about economie and schooling.
It is raining now. The sky is grey.
I walk 10 minutes to the address Boboleon (my French couchsurfing Host) gave me.
I found 2 persons in the apartment shared by 5.
I relax until Boboleon calls me and he tells me him and 2 of his friends are also going to the show.
We need just 1 ticket as Helmut gave me his and 2 have already bought tickets.
We chat a little bit about Bob and Boboleon drives us to the venue.
The venue is the Volswagen Halle as Braunschweig is the CITY of Volswagen.
All the economie here is based on car construction ; a German Detroit.
The venue is huge, the biggest so far.
We have no problem buying a ticket for Boboleon, a good seat for only 75€ ;
A third row center.
Tickets are cheap. I heard Volswagen company is sponsoring the show. Could be.
I find myself all the way on the top. I could not be any farer.
Oh well!
The sound is good for such a big place.
Stu is on time, so is Bob.
It starts all the same.
For the fourth song The Band do a long intro, kind of Jazzy. It takes a moment for Bob to reach the mike and sing a beautifull "Melancholy mood".
It is surprising that he had chosen this particular arena to try that new one. But Bobby is Bobby as we all know by now.
Beautiful. Very well done. I hope he will do it again.
He again do a mistake on "Duquesnes Whistle". Is he testing me? Not that one Baby, I know it too well!
"I'm a fool to love you" always moves me.
I sing along as no one next to me pay any attention.
I wish I could be a little bit closer.
So far I had no chance to see his face.
The audience is quiet, too much quiet. There is a little steer up  on "Tangled up in blue" but nothing hysteric.
After the show we meet at the merchandise stand. My friends did not recognize most of the songs. They expected "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Hurricane".
They are young and disappointed. They will just say : 'yes I have seen Bob Dylan live'...as a Legend. Like so many.
I bump into Herman who will not make it to Saarbrucken and kindly hands me his ticket. Thank you my friend.
We go back home. Boboleon and Hans need to get up early next morning to work.
Boboleon and I have a nice conversation in the kitchen in French.
We go to bed at 1 am.
I leave Braunschweig in the early afternoon for a train at 1.58 pm with a change in Mannheim.
The train leaves with 15 minutes delay and I have only 16 minutes to switch train.
I start to be anxious.
Fortunately the second train is also late and I make it right on time.
Torsten is my CS Host and I follow the direction he gave me to reach his house. I am there at 8 pm. Christen opens me her house and share a cup of tea until Torsten arrives from work.
We have a nice chat and I have a nice night sleep in a private room.

17th of October Saarbrucken.

I take a breakfast with Christen as Torsten is at work even on a Saturday.
Christen will come with me for a walk in the city.
We have a nice time and later meet with Irene.
Irene and I go to the venue at 7 pm. It is GA so the doors are opened and Fans are packed in front of the stage. We are 4th row back on the side of the piano. Of course tall men are blocking the view. Nonetheless I enjoy the show, dancing and singing. Same setlist but with another kind of feelings.The audience is enthusiastic, cool!
Irene left me after the show. She has a Hotel room. I go back to my CS Host. We have a chat and I go to bed, with a satisfied mind.

Paris the 18th of October.

I travel from Saarbrucken by train until Metz and by car sharing (‘bla bla car’) until Paris.
I am ‘Porte de Saint Cloud’ at 1.30 pm.
I travel 1 hour by Metro to Creteil where Maxime meets me and we walk to his apartment, he is sharing with his mother.
I met Maxime in Florida when we were volunteering on a farm last spring.
We chat and relax.
At 5.45 pm I take the metro to ‘Porte de Versailles’ where the Palais des Sport is.
It is weird to hear French at a Bob Dylan show.
At 7.45 pm a nice man approaches me and hands me a ticket. He asks me to be discreet as scalpers are on the watch.
I rapidly find my way inside the venue. I am 10th row center. Woah!
I chat with Francis (the good BD ticket Samaritan). He I impressed by my way of life, dedicated to Bobby. He doesn’t think I am nuts. Thanks.
The organization is crazy: ushers are placing the people for money. It takes forever to fill up the venue.
Stu is on time. Bobby appears all sparkling in a brand new suit with blue embroidering.
The sound is excellent. Right away I know that will be a great show. Bob is happy to be in the Gay Paris.
1. Things Have Changed
2. She Belongs To Me
3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin'. George is excellent on his drums
4. What'll I Do
5. Duquesne Whistle no mistake.
6. Melancholy Mood I LOVE it!
7. Pay In Blood
8. I'm A Fool To Want You yes, always!
9. Tangled Up In Blue
10. High Water (For Charley Patton)
11. The Night We Called It A Day
12. Early Roman Kings
13. Why Try To Change Me Now I do not want you to change. no, no ,no.
14. Spirit On The Water
15. Scarlet Town even this one I like tonight.
16. All Or Nothing At All
17. Long And Wasted Years
18. Autumn Leaves special reaction from the French public.
19. Blowin' In The Wind
20. Love Sick more powerful than ever
This is the same setlist as Saarbrucken.
Bob found is little routine.
But for me it sounds brand new.
It is a magic show.
Bob stretches a lot between the songs. He seems in pain somehow: banding on his knees, holding his back, lifting his legs. Or just an ‘attitude’?
I don’t see his face.
His voice is clear and loud as much as it could be.
I hear many times Fans shouting: ‘Merci Bob!’
The public is respectful.
There is just a movement of the first row at the end when Bob thanks the public. Fans approach the stage.
My best show so far since Oslo. Stockholm had an excellent sound as well but this one is special.
I say few words to Jason. I thank him for the good job he did on the sound.
I take the metro back to Creteil, get lost, and get rescued by Maxime.
We eat a bite and we go to bed.
Thank you Francis, Maxime, Maxime’s mother, Simon, Jason….thank you all good people!
Thank you the Band and thank you …BOBBY!

The U.K. leg.

Flying from Paris to London on Easyjet. It was a mistake. Too much trouble with the check in and security, a waste of time. Gatwick is far from the city center. I have to take a train.
My Youth Hostel is in Greenwich. It is a nice suburb but a little bit far away from the center.
I spend the night in a dorm of 12, mixed. There is no privacy. It is difficult to sleep.

21th of October LONDON.

I try to contact Bjorn but he will arrive late in the afternoon.
I don't do much in the first hours of the day. I just go to a Starbuck Cafe for the WIFI connection and write a review for Boblinks. 
I move to the Royal Albert Hall at 5.30 pm.for a show at 7.30 pm.
I start early looking for a ticket. I have no luck until 5 minutes before show time. A group of 3, (2 girls and a man) are smoking outside. They have a ticket for me and I rush inside. I find my seat on stall F on the side of the piano. Nice view. The RAH is magnificent a theater with balconies and private boxes.
The show starts right on time. The sound is loud and clear, almost metallic.
Bob is in great shape.They are speeding slightly the tempos. Bobby moves a lot. Nervous or excited.
This is London. 
That show is excellent, the best so far.
The public is also enthusiastic. They understand the lyrics and the music. I love it.
As I go out I see D. and M. at the RAH bar. It is like an arrow piercing my heart.
I will cry that night. I will not find Peace to be able to sleep. Shit! that was a drag to see those 2. Bad timing.

22th of October LONDON.

I meet with Bjorn at Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guards. We take a walk in the city, go to eat, to drink and I meet with John at the RAH cafe.
I beg for my ticket when a nice man hands one to me. He wants me to go inside with him. No problem. He is a real Fan and we have a nice talk.
The show is great, the public is great.
No sign of D. and Miss. M
So I sleep sound and deep.

23th of October LONDON.

I wake up early to have my free breakfast ; bread, butter, jam, cereal, tea.
I take a shower and pack up to be out at 10 am. John invited me to share his couch in his apartment. A lot better than the crowded Youth Hostel.
I meet him at the metro station.
At 5 pm  we take the tube to the RAH. We meet with Fans in the lobby.
I search for a ticket at 6.30 pm , but I have no luck. I don't want to give up and at 7.45 a couple enters the venue. I ask if they have an extra ticket and yes, they do. They ask for some cash to have a drink and I offer 5 pounds. I'm in for "Melancholy mood". I stood up until the intermission, move to my seat right after and enjoy myself.
The show is really good for the third time at the RAH.
I meet with John after the show, we have talks with some Fans and move back home.
But an incident happened. As I was begging for a ticket D. and Miss.M. came my way for some unknown  reason. They walked in front of me back and forth 20 minutes before show time. I believe D. had an extra ticket to sell, but not to me. I saw Miss.M deliberately putting her arm around his waist. It turned me Nuts. That Bitch was teasing me at the worst moment of a Dylan show.
I won't be able to sleep that night. F.ck.
Why am I so mad and angry? I can't explain.

24th of October LONDON.

I wake up tired and stay on the couch until noon. John went to a meeting. We have lunch out and I spend the early afternoon reading a book on Bob.
We move to the venue at 5 pm. 
Same routine but this time I have no luck at all. I stay out until the intermission if ever someone would leave the show?? No miracle today. I have a chat with a man from Luxembourg also willing to sneak in.
John comes out , we chat and go home.
I feel sad but not so much depressed.
We move home and I sleep sound, even the sight of D. and Miss. M doesn't disturb me.

25th of October LONDON.

John goes to church until 1 pm.
I contact Stefano but he is with Paolo.
I ask Bjorn if he wants to visit Harrods, the big fancy store.
We go there for one hour and of course we don't buy anything. We go to a Starbuck Cafe for a WIFI connection and we split ; Bjorn wants to eat and rest , I take a walk in Hyde Park. 
I buy myself a scone before going to the venue. Eating and drinking are not the priority these days!
I meet again inside the RAH cafe with some Fans.
I start  my ticket search at 6.30 pm.
At 7.45 pm I see D. running back and forth with an extra ticket to sell. He will try until late even when the show already started. It doesn't make sense to me. Why he didn't sell that ticket earlier? Why does he care about few pounds? He is rich and he doesn't need that money. I watch him and wonder if I really know him and if we really spend some much time together. He looks insane now. 
In a stupid move I offer him 100 dollars. Why? I don't know. He ignores me with disdain and sell the ticket to a Lady for 70 pounds.
Why do I have to bump into him at the worst moments of my life?
He is in, I am out. No show for me tonight.
A man and a woman are also looking for a free entrance. We start talking.
The woman is an Artist, a musician. She had been touring with a Band.
We go to the backstage door at the end of the show. Bob will be leaving soon.
The black bus is running. 
Bob steps out as few Fans gather and clap hands.
Bobby turns his head to us. So sweet! Pretty rare!
We chat for one hour more. Ran is a beautiful woman. We get along. I had a nice time even if I didn't get inside tonight.
We move with John, back to the apartment.
I buy a Megabus ticket to Manchester.

the 26th of October MANCHESTER

The Megabus is packed and running late without WIFI. There is no show tonight so I relax a little bit.
It is night time in Manchester.  A nice man guids me to my Youth Hostel. No CS Host tonight.
We pass in front of the Castle Galleries. Some BD paintings are hanging on the walls. I make a mental note of the address. Coming tomorrow, for sure.
The Hostel is a little bit funky but alright. I buy some food at the store, next door, and go to bed early.

the 27th of October MANCHESTER

I go straight to the Starbuck Cafe as the WIFI i the Hostel is not working.
Then to the Castle Galleries. I chat with the merchants. I meet with Stephen around noon and we go for a cup of tea at "Leo's fish bar". We spend the afternoon chatting before walking to the venue ; The O2 Apollo.
Not the best venue , ever. The traffic is dense, right in front of the doors. The crowd far less "civilized" than London. Ruff and loud.
I have no chance for a ticket. I wait until the intermission and jump the barrier at the smoking area. I am IN. I take an empty seat and enjoy the second part of the show.
Bob's voice is weak. I feel he is sick. Someone will tell me that he has a cold.
I walk with Stephen and Steve back downtown. Go to my Hostel, got lost, got found and finally crash on my bench.

the 28th of October MANCHESTER

 I meet with Stephen around noon and we go for a cup of tea at "Leo's fish bar". We spend the afternoon chatting before walking to the venue ; The O2 Apollo.
Not the best venue , ever. The traffic is dense, right in front of the doors. The crowd far less "civilized" than London. Ruff and loud. (copy/paste).
I am more lucky today. One man hands me a ticket, then right away , a woman hands me a second ticket.
3 scalpers immediately jump on me. I sell one ticket for 20 pounds, the price of my bus ticket to Cardiff.
I move to my seat.
Bob's voice is still weak and he rushes to the songs. He is trying his best.
I walk back to the Hostel, all by myself.
I sleep so and so as I have seen D. and Miss.M again.
They haunt me.

the 29th of October CARDIFF

I arrive in Cardiff with Megabus at 3 pm.
I have a CS Host. I meet with Steve at the Castle at 5.30 pm.
He is Asperger and talks incessantly. We walk a long way to his house. This is a mess ; untidy and dirty. I am not fussy but....this is lacking of hygiene.
I focus on the show. He wants to see Bob Dylan as well.
He will buy a ticket for 40 pound and leaves me out. Thanks!
Hermann , from Germany, as an extra ticket for me. Thanks Hermann.
We seat next to each other and we have fun.
The Band is in red and Bob in black.
Bob is in a good mood, the public is enthusiastic.
Donny and Bob are doing something special on "Duquesne Whistle" and "Early Romans kings".
He is enjoying himself and so am I.
The most relaxing and fun show for me since the beginning.
I go back to Steve's house but the smell of the room stops me for breezing and sleeping.
At 3 am I hear a strange noise ; a mouse is tying to get to my food. The worst Couchsurfing experience ever.
I leave quickly in the morning and forget my adapter and cord for my batteries. Shit!

 I take a train (2 trains) from Cardiff to Southhampton.
I meet with Stephen and we chat all the way and eat grapes.

the 30th of October SOUTHAMPTON

My stay in Southampton is not secured. Stephen doesn't answer to my dis-trace.
Steve will accept to share his room at the Ibis. Thanks, Steve!
I go get my bus tickets at the National Express counter ; one bus to London, then one bus to Bruxelles.
That was the least expensive way to reach Bruxelles. That will be a long way. One day bussing.

I take a shower, relax and meet with Stephen at the train station while Steve takes a nap.
We eat fish and chips, walk around.
We move to the venue.
It is , for the second time on that Tour, a General Admission show.
A nice man I met in London hands me a ticket.
I rapidly join Stephen in the line.
D. and Miss. M. are queuing but I don't pay attention to their game. She is "holding" him like a dog on a leash!
I go in with Stephen. We are third row back, on the side of Stu. Not too bad.
I see Bob's face on and off but I enjoy being with Stephen.
The show is good. 
The last one on the UK Tour.
Many Fans are going back home.
I say by to Randy and Asha.
I avoid D. and his chick.
I say by to Stephen.
I rapidly move to the Ibis room where I will spend only few hours until 3.30 am.
My first bus leaves at 5.05 am.

The UK leg had been surprising, full of pain and joy. 
Lost friends and new friends popping up in my life.

the 31st of October

A day of travelling by bus.
I reach Bruxelles right on time to connect wit Yohan, my CS Host, at 7 pm.
He hands me the keys of his apartment and gives me the direction. He is himself going to a Reggae show.
I find the house. Take a shower. Eat a soup. Crash on the couch.

the 1st of November BRUXELLES

In the morning I had decided to go on with the Tour.
I have to buy a new Rail  Pass, find some more accommodations.
I spend the morning on the computer.
I book a Youth Hostel in Eindhoven as I had no luck with CS.
No luck in Amsterdam neither.
I leave the house at noon to visit Bruxelles.
The center is packed with Tourists. The weather is nice.
I missed my meeting with Stefano twice but finally we connect at 4 pm by the Manikenn Pis. I treat myself with a waffle. oh well! lets be crazy!
We eat, drink, catch a tram to the venue ; National Forest.
I then realize I have been there before. Of course, a Bob Dylan show, 2 years ago!
A French man hands me a ticket. Cool!
The seat is up, on Stu side, far away, as the venue is huge. Probably the biggest since the beginning of that Tour. Maybe 10 000?
But nonetheless, the sound is good.Bob's voice is clear. No more cold.
Stefano is in the same section.
On "Scarlett town" Charlie's guitar has a problem. It is disconnected for the first part. A tech is working behind Bob's back, but it doesn't seam to disturb him.
I enjoy myself very much as I had a good day.
D. and Miss.M are ....gone. Yippy!
I meet with Yohan, at the end. He had been at the show. His first Bob Dylan show ever.
He drives me to the apartment. We chat for a while and I go to sleep on the couch.
Nice sleep, nice dreams, full of beautiful people.

the 2sd of November EINDHOVEN

I reach Eindhoven by train with Stefano.
We meet also Richard at the train station.
We split in different hotel and Hostels.
Mine is half an hour walk. Nice Hostel, brand new. I can't check in right away so I leave my luggage in the locker and join Stefano and Richard by the venue, downtown.
The venue is a fancy Theater made for Classical music, inside a shopping mall. Not my cup of tea!
We hang around, I go check in my Hostel and back to the venue.
I feel bad about getting a ticket. The public is snobbish, the price of the tickets too high.
I won't get in. At the intermission Fans smoke out but they have an ink stamp on their hand. There is no way I can sneak in.
I move to my Hostel for a night sleep.
Too bad!

the 3rd of November AMSTERDAM

As the show in Rouen had been cancelled there is 2 days off before the first show in Amsterdam on the 5th.
I have no Couch in Amsterdam and the Hostels are expensive.
I decide to spend 2 days by the sea. I book a Hostel for 9 euros a night. 
It takes me a train and a bus to reach that place. When I check in the young man says I can't stay, I'm too old. This happened before but now where to go?
Back to Amsterdam where I book 2 nights for 32 euros. Not too bad as it is downtown.
I spend the day walking around the downtown area. I have a long night sleep.
In the mid time Hubert offers me to stay at his house. Cool! We have been together before, I know the house.
He picks me up on the 4th and we spend time looking videos of Bob.

the 4th of November AMSTERDAM

I spend the day at Hubert's house , relaxing. We watch videos of Bob concerts on the big screen T.V.
Take a shower, go to bed early.

the 5th of November AMSTERDAM

We go downtown in the early afternoon. We have something to eat and go to a bar for a pre-show meeting. Some fans, Bjorne, Richard, Stefano, Roberto, are showing up and we have a nice chat.
At 7 p.m. we move to the Carré and I start my search for a ticket.
Well, I have no luck and I have to wait until the intermission to sneak in and try to find an empty seat.
The venue is a gorgeous theater. The sound is perfect. Good second part.
Charlie has some problem with his guitar on "long and wasted years" but no one pays attention.
We have a drink after the show with only few fans and we go home.

the 6th of November AMSTERDAM

Hubert drops me downtown in the early afternoon and I meet with Bjorne and Richard for a visit at the RIJKS Museum. Then we go eat and we have drinks at the same bar, only the 3 of us.
I have a ticket 10 minutes before show time and I enjoy a great show, one of the best.
We have a drink and chat at the same bar and go home for a good night sleep.
Relax and quiet days in Amsterdam.

the 7th of November AMSTERDAM

We get up late with Hubert and we just spend the day relaxing. Hubert has a huge collection of Bob Dylan recording shows. This is a Bob Dylan day.
In the late afternoon Hubert drives to the venue and we spend time with Bjorne and Richard.
They all go inside the venue. I try to get a free ticket as usual.
A man hands me a 4th row ticket. I am surprised and happy.
I am on the side of the piano, the best position as Bobby is spending all the show playing and directing from the Grand piano.
The Carré is a nice theater, the audience is respectful.
This was a good show but ,for me, nothing exceptional.
Some Bobcats gather in a Café after the show. I spend time talking with Sarah, a young new Fan and follower from Sweden.
Then Hubert and I go home for a good night sleep.

the 8th of November from AMSTERDAM to Hamburg

 Hubert drops me at the train station. We say goodbye without crying. We'll meet again?
At 7 pm I reach Hamburg where I meet with Michael Brenner at the metro station.
He is a Couchsurfer Host and also a Bob Dylan Fan. He had seen 80 shows over the years. The last one being in Berlin on that Tour. He had just published a book and that will be the subject of the discussions for 2 days. The book is an autobiography from 1945 to 1989. He is mentionning the 60's and of course Bob Dylan. Unfortunately the book is in German, a language I don't understand.
He will not go to the show in Hamburg, telling that Sinatra is not his cup of tea!
I pick up a book in English on his bookshelves : 'Forget about today' by John Friedman.
A book I truly like.
Michael will treat me with dinner. I have my private room. I am physically comfortable.
It disturbs me that Michael doesn't go to the show in Hamburg but it had been the case of so many Fans since the setlist had been static and the Sinatra songs.
So many Fans are stuck with the 60's Bob Dylan ; the LEGEND!

the 9th of November  HAMBURG

 I go all by myself to the venue.
I don't see so many followers.
Few Germans and the trio : Tim, Franky, Freddy! They are here for different reasons.
I bump into a German guy I met in Lucca. He will do only 1 show on that Tour.
The venue is big, maybe 10 000.
Someone hands me a ticket after I have been waiting in the rain for  one hour and a half, 10 minutes before show time.
The security is loose so I take an empty seat on the floor, a little bit far. Bob looks so small!
I enjoy myself though the sound is not the best. Bob is not in a particular good mood. The show is average.
It is my 25th on that Tour.
I move rapidly back to Michael's apartment. It is a 30 minutes ride by Metro.
We have a glass of wine and a chat.
I go to bed with a satisfied mind.

the 10th of November DUSSELDORF

I reach Dusseldorf in the early evening or late afternoon.
I call my CS Host : Ralph. I decided to choose him at the last moment and we didn't communicate much. Nor enough. His English is limited and they had been some kind of misunderstanding. He lives far from the train station and far from the venue. There is a show tonight and I start to be nervous. On the top of it Ralph doesn't have in WIFI at home. Luckily he is a good soul and help me a lot with the public transportation. I reach the venue on time. the same Mitsubishi Electric Halle Bob played 2 years ago.
The search for a ticket is not successful. I have to wait until the intermission to find a way to sneak in. The smoking area is out but still I need a ticket stub. As I search in my purse I find the one from Hamburg, looking quite the same as the ones tonight.  I decide to take a chance and it works. I am IN. I seat on the stairs of the tribune and enjoy myself.
After the show I rapidly take the metro back to Ralph's house.
We have a light super and a chat and we both go to bed around midnight as Ralph has to work next day and we have to be outside the house at  7 a.m.
I have few hours sleep on the couch. I start to be exhausted!

the 11th of November REGENSBURG

I  arrive with one hour delay and I have no way to connect my tablet to any WIFI. In Germany it is a drag to find an open and free WIFI. They always ask for a German Telephon number!
I call my CS Host, Leonie, but I reach an answering machine.
I decide to go to the house and take a chance to find someone there. By chance her 2 roommates are at home.
I finally connect, find the way to the venue, catch 2 buses and arrive at 7 p.m. I am at least at the venue on time.
I meet with Irene. Some Bobcats are around but for now different groups are forming. The 'family' is divided.
A young woman hands me a ticket and rapidly moves away. Thanks!
I take my seat in the tribune, far from the stage.I don't try to sneak down the floor anymore. The venue is a sport arena 6 or 7 000 people. It is full on the floor but not in the tribunes. The sound is not the best but just ok.
Tonight the boys are in red and Bob in black. Same setlist. why not?
I need to find rapidly a bus back to the train station in order to catch the next bus to the house.
I bump into Lea who seems to know where to catch a bus to the train station. somehow I trust her though I know she is weird. She walks me away from the venue to pick up her bag she had left in a man's car and she is ... lost. So am I. I found out that shuttles were leaving from the venue earlier. I am extremely pissed of.
I made a mistake, a bad judgement.
Finaly I have to wait 45 minutes for a bus then again 20 minutes for the last bus going to the apartment.
I am mad because I am couchsurfing and I have to be respectful of my host. It is past midnight when I can, at last, meet with Leonie. We have a chat about the show and we go to bed. I have an air mattress on the floor of Leonie's room. I don't sleep well and swear never to talk to Lea again. Being crazy is ok, we are all crazy, but she is Nuts!

the 12th of November BASEL

3 shows in a row left me exhausted. It is 6 hours train ride between the cities. Though I can snooze in the train it is not fully resting. I eat whatever I can grab. I need more fruits and vegetables. I eat to much bread and cheese. my body starts to react and I have now a bad headache. My eyes are loosing their site, I can hardly read. But still my spirit is high. I feel a lot better now that D. and Miss M; are not around any more.I detach from some Fans I don't like and communicate only with the  ones I get along with.
I realise those Bobcats' friendships are just temporary, nothing deep, nothing lasting. The communication will disappear after the Tour. I used to be sad and upset about it. Now I realise this is not real friendship as we know each other only through Bob Dylan. I hardly know what those Bobcats do in their life. This is not a subject of discussion, neither politics, religion, philosophy of life. My friends are somewhere else.
Bobcats groups are forming according different interests : sharing a ride, a room, group of tapers, of collectors, of Groupies ...groups by nationality, groups by money standards...Bobcats reflex what is happening in society globally, nothing special. I was always wrong to believe it could have been different.
I take a tram to my CS Host house, Serina. We have a glass of wine and I go to bed. I have my own room and the key of the door.

the 13th of November BASEL

I leave the house at 10 am to take a walk in the city. Nice city on the Rheine.
I cross a bridge and suddenly realize this is where I stood in ... 1981. The same spot where bob saw me and said hello! Woah! So far and so close in my memory. I pass the bridge and find the hotel "Les trois Rois" where Bob was staying in 1981. I'm wondering if he is in there today. there is no sign of Tour buses.
I spend a lot of time in the Botanic Garden, in Peace and quiet) before returning to the apartment for some rest.
The venue is 5 minutes walk away. It is a fancy theater, the capacity is limited and the price of the ticket high.
While I am waiting outside the venue I met Martin, a Fan from China. We had a nice talk and I gave him my card with name and address. 
I have absolutly no hope for a free ticket. But who can tell?
A man of about 60 years old hands me a ticket, the value is 220F about 220 euros. holly shit!
i am so surprised that I ask him why. He answers "I have 2 tickets and I need only one". Some persons are incredible.
The seat is 11th row on the side of the piano.
The sound is perfect. Bob is in a good mood. Great show.
I move back 'home' and we have a glass of wine with Serina and her room mate.

I have a good night sleep.

the 14th of November BASEL

I walk to the Tinguely Museum where I spend few hours I have a great time among his fantastic machines.
Another exhibition is by BEN. I love very much is Art. Then I have a visit of the Rathaus before walking back home for a rest.
My CS Host and a friend want to join me for the show and try to get a cheap ticket. fine. They will get 2 tickets for half price. I still need a free one. A nice Lady hands me a complimentary ticket. Cool!
This time I am on the Balcony, second row. I have a global view of the Theater.
The first part brings a surprise ; he will switch "I'm a fool to want you" for " come rain or come shine".
At the start of the second part Bob walks on stage with his hat in his right hand. For the next 2 songs he will keep this hat off head. I can hardly see him so far but it seems that his hair is fine, not as dark as some time ago. He will also be hat off for "Love sick".
What are the meanings of those changes? Who knows? Maybe nothing special.
I had a nice day and a great evening. Those 2 tickets were unexpected. What a surprise!
Few Bobcats were at the show. The rats abandoned the boat!
My 2 new friends are happy with the show. We have some wine, talk until late at night and go to bed satisfied.

the 15th of November BREGENZ

Bregenz is a small city located on the Lake of Constance.
Why 2 shows there? Mystery!
I have some hard time to find my CS Host house. In fact she is not home but her roommate tries to help me with the train directions. I lost some time but I am finally in the apartment.
There is a show tonight so I rapidly drop my bags and take a train back to the center.
I am confident about getting a ticket. Oh well! Who knows?
No ticket for me until the intermission.
I sneak in with the smoking people. I take a seat next to Horst who told me some seats are empty in the 4th row, piano side. Irene joins us and we have a splendid good time, singing along and dancing on our seats.
It makes a difference to be with truly Fans.
Before the show I met again with Martin, the Chinese Fan. We had a long talk. It is interesting to talk about Dylan with a young man from Beijing. He saw Bob there in 2008.
After the show I have to catch a late train to go back to the apartment. Ricardo opens the door and I sleep on a nice warm bed.

the 16th of November BREGENZ

I meet with Irene and her mother. Irene and I take a walk in the city.We bump into other Fans as the city is small. They arrived from Switzerland, from Italy, from Germany.
The weather is fine for a walk. I join other Fans for dinner before walking to the venue where I meet Martin again.
Again I have no luck for a ticket. As I wait outside I meet a woman who came from Switzerland for the show. She can't afford the full price ticket. She invites me for a drink and I explain to her the trick of the smoking area.
By chance 2 good Bobcats are out at the intermission. One will show the Lady how to sneak in. I go with the other one. I have a seat on the 3rd row by the side of Stu. Great!
"Early roman kings" sound special tonight maybe because I focus on Stu and his Maracas!
We have a beer in a cafe with Irene, Horst, the Swiss Lady.
I catch my late train to my CS Host.
Nobody's home when I arrive. I have to wait at the door for one hour. Ricardo was working and the Lady host is stuck at a station somewhere...oh well! Shits happen. I finally crash on the bed at 1 am.

the 17th of November from BREGENZ to BOLOGNA

A long trip to Bologna ; Bregenz to Zurich to Milano to Bologna.
I leave in the morning and arrive in the evening.
I got lost and reach the Youth Hostel with one hour delay. This is one of the few youth Hostel with specific hours for check in. I pay a fine of 5 euro. Since the price was 15 euro, the city tax 2 euro, the total is 22 euro. It is a good price as I find out the venue is 5 minutes walk away. It is a mixed dorm. oh well! I don't mind some male attitudes!
I connect my tablet, take a shower, go to bed. Tomorrow is a long time!

the 18th of November BOLOGNA

One of the men in the dorm is French/American, a young fellow who invites me to visit Bologna. Let's be crazy! Off we go.
We climb the High tower ; 498 steps. We walk around. We eat a lunch of pasta.
Back to the Hostel in late afternoon. The show tonight will be at 9 p.m. This is Italy!
The venue is a small theater in a narrow street, almost an alley. Due to the Attacks in Paris and particularly at the Bataclan, the security is re-enforced. No one is sure if Bob asked for those armed guards or if it is the decision of the venue. But thanks Bob that the shows are not cancelled.
There is a sense of hysteria as journalists and paparazzi pile up in front the small theater. It takes forever to secure the Fans walking in ; bags search and body search. It never happened before in Italy where security is usually loose.
I get a free ticket from a couple(Graziella's friends). I take my seat peacefully on the balcony as it is not the time to 'fight' with security tonight!
The show is good but not memorable.
I walk back to my hostel when I realize the man walking next to me is ..George Receli, the Band's drummer.
I start a little chat, just asking if he is doing fine. He kindly answers me and for 5 minutes it is like I am part of the 'family'! As we pass a big Hotel he says : 'this is my hotel'. So, Bob is in there as well! I know Bob Dylan is always staying with his musicians, the personal bodyguard (everybody knows by now he is Barron), his assistant (Susan Pullen) and at times his road manager (Jeff Kramer) whom I didn't see on that Tour.
And maybe his Girlfriend? oh well! rumors and speculations!
Thanks Georgie for being kind, like all the members of the Band.
I go 'up' to my  bed and sleep sound.

the 19th of November BOLOGNA

I wake up kind of late (maybe 8 a.m), have a small breakfast (included in the price), take a  shower and connect with my tablet.
Brigitte is in town and we meet for a walk in the city. We climb the 498 steps to the top of the High Tower.
We walk and talk and drink and eat and walk and talk and drink and eat and ....this is time to go to the Hostel.
Stefano arrived from Bergamo, by chance he is staying in the same dorm as me.
We join Paolo and Mauro for a drink round the venue.
Time for me to take my chance. No luck!
The security is tough again ; bag search and body search. For some people absolutely necessary for others (like me) non-efficient against any terrorist attacks.
I wait until intermission time. I start talking with Graziella, smoking outside, when I spot someone I know and ....don't want to see.
I can't believe Miss.M. is in front of me , smoking a cigarette. I thought she was vegetarian, Buddhist, Yogaist etc...and smoking? oh my!
Mr. R. is not to be seen.
I am in that movie again! F..k!
I don't even stay at the venue but move back to the Hostel with the feeling I really don't want to go back there and bump into Mr.R. and Miss M. teasing me with their fake attitude. I feel like crying and I do.
But my good friends are also there ... I go back for the end of the show.
It is Stefano's birthday and a group of Bobcats decide to have a drink and a bite someplace. As my Hostel is close by and I don't have any obligation towards a CS Host I join the group.
To my utmost distress Miss. M. follows us. Shit!
No Mr.R though.ah!ah!
I seat far away from that Sexy woman, gathering a bunch of Males around her...No kidding!
I have a good time with Stefano, Brigitte, Forza Ibra (not her real name) ... we share about Bob Dylan and being on the road.
I say good bye to Andrea and Ioani to the utmost surprise of Miss. M.
Eh!Eh! I also know those men! Who do you think I am?
Stefano and I walk back to the Hostel. We say : "goodnight and see you in Milano", as Stefano will leave early in the morning. I will leave later to catch a train to Milano.
But where is Mr R.? He's haunting my dreams.

the 20th of November MILANO

I reach Milano in early afternoon. I check in a youth Hostel for 1 night. I buy myself some food, cook in the communal kitchen, wash some clothes in the sink (oh well!), buy an adapter for my tablet and go to bed early. This dorm is empty except for a young woman arriving late at night.
I catch some 8 hours sleep.

the 21st of November MILANO

Next morning I connect with Irene who accept to share her room with me.
I move to her 4 starts Hotel. We take a walk around the Duomo. We walk and talk and drink and eat and walk and talk ...
Time to rest and be ready for the show. The venue is reachable by 2 metros.
We meet there with some Bobcats (a lot actually). I meet with Martin (the Beijing Fan) who will buy me a ticket. I can't believe how great some people are! It blows my mind!
The Bobcats are packed in the front ; 3 rows are in the pit (and guess who is right in front? yes! Miss. 'yuppy' M.).
I have a good seat by the piano side.
The show is excellent. I block all bad feelings and enjoy myself very much.

Irene and I rush to the metro after the show, not to be too late.
Somehow and despite the excellent comfort I have some hard time to fall asleep.
That Ghost from the past is still hunting me!

the 22st of November MILANO

Irene and I  have a wonderful breakfast. Probably my first 'complete' meal since the beginning of the Tour.
All you can eat. And I eat ALL!
We take a walk around the Duomo. We walk and talk and drink and eat and walk and talk ...
Time to rest and be ready for the show. The venue is reachable by 2 metros.
We meet there with some Bobcats (a lot actually). I meet with Martin (the Beijing Fan)...[copy/paste ah!ah!].
This time I am ready to buy a ticket as it is the last show. To my surprise a man hands me a ticket...free! oh! oh!
I move straight to the floor area, seat in an empty seat and sing and dance. 
At the intermission Irene signals me 2 empty seats next to her.
We have such a great time! Memorable!
All Bobcats happy and kind to me except ...oh well! Who cares!
Bobby, true to himself, didn't change a bit of this setlist...
An ARTIST until the End.



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