Bob Dylan Tour Europe Fall 2013

On the road again...

Stockholm 12 October 2013.

After 3 months (june, july august) volunteering on a farm in Israel. I am back to France thinking about the next BD Tour.
D. was in Oregon trying to buy some land. The others are on stand by.
My budget being limited as usual I have to find a solution for cheap accommodations.
In Israel a young Lady told me about 'couch surfing'. I will try it in europe.
I spent many hours emailing some requests and got some good answers.

Oslo 9th of October 2013.

I flew from Paris with Ryanair(cheap and fast).
I will stay with my first Couch Surfing Host Julien, a French baker here in Oslo.
We have a dinner of salmon and I crash on the couch in his sleeping bag.

10th of October

First BD show. I'm all exited.
I walk downtown Oslo to find the Spektrum. Located next to the Train-station and Bus-station and tube-station...great!
Half an hour walk from where I'll be staying tonight.
I find the black buses in the open parking lot. nothing is happening so I walk back to the appartment to eat something, watch TV and get ready.
At 5 p.m. I'm back to the Spektrum.
Frederika is here. Maybe there was a sound check in the afternoon.
At 6:30 p.m. I put my sign out 'I need a ticket, please'.
It takes me 45 minutes to get a free ticket from a nice Lady. I meet with Che\Siobhaine and we get in.
My seat is all the way up but...I'm in and happy.
At a quarter to eight I hear Stu strumming his acoustic guitar. they take position and ...Charlie is on between George and Donnie.
Bob takes the center stage : no hat, dark suit, black\white cowboy boots. I'm far but he looks fit and slim.
"Things have changed" The sound is loud and clear. His voice is fine.
"She belongs to me". Precisely the one I memorized just before taking the road. thanks Bobby!
I sing along. " Beyond here lies nothing". Bob is on the piano, so it lakes of energy. "What good am I" clearly phrased. "Paid in blood", the first one from Tempest. "Duquesne Whistle", the one I was waiting for. I prefer the recording version.  "Tangled up in blue", I could do without.
Donnie picks up his violin and ...the first words of "It's alright Ma" for me so. The violin sounds strange!
Then Bob at the mike , center stage mumbles something "We take a break, we'll be back". Ok Bobby...tired  after 8 songs?
15 minutes break, they're all back.
"The Roman kings". George is great on that one!
"Simple twist of fate" with bob on piano: I could do without.
"Summer days". I enjoy it.
Donnie on violin again and yes! it's "Forgetful heart". so intense that the audience is all quiet. What a MAGIC!
"Spirit on the water" sweet and cool.
"Scarlet town" third from Tempest tonight. Done for the first time on stage in Winnipeg (I remember well!).
"Soon after midnight". Tempest again.
"It's soon after midnight and I don't want nobody but you". Yes Bobby!
"Long and wasted years". first time on stage. Tempest. Making 6 from that album.
A break for 10 minutes.
They're back and I see Bob moving to Tony... a song not on the setlist?
The first notes of "All along the watch tower". The public is up. the hi-light of the night. Bob on piano.
I think it's over but no. Donnie picks up his violin for "Blowing in the wind".
18 songs all together. WOW! Thanks Bobby. Excellent beginning.

After the show the "cats" go to a bar to have a beer. I don't feel welcome nor comfortable so I walk back to my apartment to eat, take a shower and sleep in the bed tonight for Julien left for France, leaving me the keys. Thanks Julien.

Next morning 11th of October.

I take the tube to the train station to catch a 10:04 a.m. train to Stockholm. Unfortunately I do a mistake in the schedule and I will be stuck in a city called KarlStad for 5 hours, waiting for another train. It's sunny and warm so I seat by the river bank and snooze for a while, catching some rest.
I arrive in Stockholm at 8:20 p.m. and connect with Lennart my next CS host. He lives 20 km from Stockholm, in the middle of the forest. Nice and calm. The temperature is around 5 degree Celsius  below zero at night but the house is warm and I have my own bedroom. No shower though. It's broken!!
Lennart is extremely generous and offer me food as well as a place to sleep.
We decide for a visit of Stockholm in the morning and afternoon. Then he will drop me to the venue and pick me up after the show. Great!
We have a good time and I start looking for a ticket at 6:30 p.m.
Scalpers are making it hard but I get a ticket for 300 Krones which is about 40 euros. Not too bad!

The seat is not the best but the venue's capacity only 3000 people. The sound is good all around.
Stu on guitar and they all take their position.
I see one mirror tonight, just in front of George's drums. Weird! Only Stu is reflecting in it and Bob's legs when he's center stage.
No hat, black suit, boots.
"Things have changed" ... The same set list so far...until "Blind Willy Mc Tell" before the break.
Almost 20 minutes pause and the same songs, maybe more harmonica and "Thunder on the mountain" instead of "Summer days". All together 19 songs tonight.
The public is reserved and quiet. The venue is full.
Bob is a lot on the piano, standing most of the time.
Stu will have his electric guitar on "Duquesnes Whistle" and "Thunder".
Charlie is good, doing some solo.

I move quickly out to meet with Lennart at the train station at 10:00 p.m. and we drive back home.
A tea and bread for dinner and I try to catch some sleep. Good night Bobby!

The 13th of October.

At the train station in Stockholm, waiting for the train to Copenhagen.
Yesterday with Lennart we stayed home in the morning then we decided to join a Tourist Free Tour in the old city at 2:00 p.m. We had a good breakfast of oatmeal and apple sauce with berries on crackers.
We take the bus then the tube for parking is difficult in the downtown area.
Nice sunny day but a bit cool for me. Probably 7 or 8 degree C.
The Tour is interesting then we walk until 6:30 p.m. time for me to beg for a ticket.
The scalpers are not making things easy. They sell for 1000 krones, more than 100 euros. Way too much for me!
Che and Siobhain got in. Tim will get a last moment ticket from a crazy girl.
Fredy myself are out!   Shit!   No way to get in tonight.
I see Bob getting out of his bus, all dressed up, hat in his hand. He moves in...Sorry Bobby, I won't see you on stage this time!
And Bob did "High water"   my favorite after "Beyond here lies nothing" fare!
I meet Lennart at the train station and we retrieve home, sad and cold.
I don't eat, just drink a cup of tea.
Oh well! Tomorrow is another day.

13th of October

I'm up at 6:45 a.m.
A quick breakfast and we take the tube to the train station. My train to Copenhagen will be leaving at 10:21 a.m arriving 15:40 p.m.
the waterfront in the back.

I will sleep most of the way, wishing Peace and Love to all my friends.
The landscape reminds me of Canada in the Fall, colorful trees.

Mak meets me at the train station. He's my third Host as "couch Surfing". He's got no bed but a shower alright. With Lennart I had a private bed room but shower.
It's alright Ma! It's life and life only.

15th of October in Copenhagen.

I slept on and off as usual when I'm on the road in different beds almost every night.
I spend the morning sharing with Mak (my host) and then buy a Metro pass to get to downtown Copenhagen.
I will visit the Botanic Garden and the Fine Art Museum for few hours. The weather is nice; not too cold and it's not raining. Copenhagen is under construction! Road work everywhere.
I walk to the venue, the Falconer Salen located  inside the "Radisson Blu Hotel" (again, for the third time).
The buses are parked in the back alley.
The Theater is small, 2200 seats. Wow! A challenge to get a ticket.

Che is here, Frederika, Tim and the guitar player, all looking for a ticket.
We have a little party at the entrance of the Falconer; Fredy and I with our sign "I need a ticket, please", the guitar man playing Bob Dylan.
People are curious but kind of "cold", I feel like a monkey in a zoo!
No luck for me until the very last moment: a man comes to me and says that his wife is sick and can't come to the show. I bargain his ticket for 400K, that's all I got from the ATM machine. It's about 55 euros, not too bad but still a lot for me.
I'm in and rush to my seat. Of course a bad seat, all the way up. But since the theater is small the sound is perfect.
Here is Stu and the Band and Bob, center stage, nice suit on, hat-less and in good shape.
I truly enjoy myself for I never believed I could get in....
After "payed in blood" Bob plays a sweet melody, some kind of waltz. First I thought it was Winterlude but when I meet with Che at the intermission he says it's "waiting for you". I have to admit that I'm not familiar with that song. I Love it and I hope he will do it more.
At the intermission I move down and try to find a better spot. I do: I pick up an empty seat on the floor section. I see Bob better, though he's on his piano most of the time.
"High water" the first time for me. But Bob is at the piano. The audience react a lot better when he's center stage.
I see Bob moving a lot to the side of the stage and drinking. Between almost each of the song. Sick Bobby? His voice already weakening?
I move out before the end. I want to see which bus he gonna step in.
A woman is waiting also. A security guard asks us to move back while a black car with dark windows passes in front of us. Barron is in front, so Bobby's in the back for sure.
"Good night, Bobby, sweet dreams"!

I catch rapidly the Metro to Mak's house. I eat the rise he cooked for me and we both go to bed. Mak will be up at 3:30 a.m. for his job. I'll join with him in Copenhagen for a Tour of the city in the afternoon.
Two people promised me a ticket for 400 k tonight, I'll have to be there early.

17h of October Copenhagen.

With Mak, my Couch Surfing Host, we do a tourist Tour of downtown Copenhagen.
The weather is warm and sunny. Great!

the little Mermaid.

The Hippy quarter of Copenhagen.

Mak, my Couch Surfing Host in Copenhagen.

Then I go to the Train Station to find out about my train to Hannover.
Walk to the Falconer Salen for the second time. I now know the way.
I check the backstage area around 5:30 p.m.
Nothing's in here moving. The sound check is already done?
The black buses are parked though, so Bob must be around.
I go strait to the "scalper" and buy a ticket for 400 k which is about 55Euro.
I don't want to panic like last night. Safe!

Bobby's bus in Copenhagen.

I meet with Che, Tim, Franky (the guitar player)... We chat until 10 to eight.
Then I move back by the bus.
Barron took position on the left of the bus, blocking the pedestrian alley.
Big Bob took position on the right, blocking the other entrance of the alley.
Strangely they are far from the bus.
Shortly before 8:00 p.m. I see Bob walking towards the backstage door, kind of all by himself, the body guards don't protect him so close.
Alright! I'm happy. I can say I saw Bobby before the show!!!

I run to the venue.
Take a seat anywhere I can. Che is moving farther down.
The sound is SO good! 
The Band well together.
It's already Fantastic.

At the intermission Che comes to fetch me and we both move to the 10th row, two empty seats.
But as Bob comes on stage the two people claim their seats. We have to move.
someone mention two empty seats on the right at the third row.
Unfortunately we have to pass right in front the stage.
Sorry Bobby!
The seats are great. Bob is so close.
The set list slightly different with "Love sick" for the first time on that Tour.
"Waiting for you" for the second time. Thanks Bobby!
His suit tonight is so strange!  Hard to describe : some black and light blue patches. I try to take a photo with my phone but good.
The show is FANTASTIC! The best so far. It that because I'm close and happy or is it really good?
Bob drinks between the songs but it's hot in that small theater.

I prepare myself as he's doing "Long and wasted years". I have the feeling we'll be able to move to the rail.
And yes! One security guy makes a sign for us to move up. I can't believe it, I'm right in front of the piano, can't be closer. The stage is low so the security guards are making a chain but that's okay, we don't want anybody to jump on stage.
Bob takes position at the piano for "All along the watch tower".
He looks pale but fit.
"Blowing in the wind"...and he moves to center mike for the last verse.
I swear he looks at me for few seconds, I catch his gaze.
I'm in heaven.

At the show..."High water".

I take the Metro to Mak's apartment for a good night sleep.
"Good night Bobby, sweet dreams!".

17th of October 2013.

I'm now in Hannover after a nice trip on the train and a long night on the couch of my 4th Couch Surfing Host, Torben.
The weather is Autumnal : gray and chilly.
I'm hoping for a Tourist Tour of that small city.
And of course a great show tomorrow tonight.

18th of October.

Torben is too much tired to get up so I help myself with some breakfast, go find some food and cook ...pasta.
At 3:00 p.m. I decide to go and check the venue, it's GA tonight.
Since D. could not make it to Europe I got all his German tickets with me. Two for each show except Dusseldorf. I arrive at the swiss Life Halle around 4:00 p.m. Already 20/25 people are queuing. I know most of them. So, I decide to be on the line, keep one D.'s ticket for myself and try to sell the other one.
We wait until 6:30 p.m. before they open the doors in a total confusion. I found my usual spot, right in front the piano. Great! 
I can't believe I'm in front again! Rita, from Switzerland, is next to me. we have fun.
The set list don't change much but Bob will be center stage more often.
The high light for me tonight is "Duquesne Whistle", so great!
I don't feel bored or tired on any of the songs. they keep the energy up. Charlie is clear and loud, Georgie powerful, Bob is even cracking a smile with Donnie.
On "Duquesne whistle"Bob suddenly forgets the lyrics and flip the papers in front of him, on the piano. I see clearly that al the lyrics are printed, not only the title of the songs. Wow! Bob had a blank on D.W!
He looks pale and sweat a lot tonight. He has to go in the back of the speaker and rehydrate himself often.
I enjoy myself tonight, happy to be in front.
After the show I walk rapidly back to the apartment, there is a party going on.
Torben, his roommate(an Italian student), a girl from Tunisia, a girl from Serbia are playing a card game. we eat pasta and go to bed at 1:30 a.m.
I'll be up at 8:30 a.m. next morning to go and catch my train to Hamburg.
thanks Torben for your hospitality.

19th of October in Hamburg.

I meet with Andre at the train station. He lives 10 minutes away. Great!
We eat breakfast with his girl friend and share thoughts in a Japanese atmosphere. Everything in the apartment has a Japanese style ; table on the kitchen floor, cushions, tatami and futons. Cool!
We take a walk in the St Paulin area then I walk alone along the harbor before retrieving to the train station and the apart.

I take a shower, relax and catch the train to C.C.H. at 5:30 p.m.. It's again a theater belonging to the Radisson Blu Hotel.

I try to sell of the D.'s ticket. The show is not sold out so it's difficult to get Face Value for that extra ticket. I finally sell it to Che. We all move in, all the "cats"and all the others.
It's a modern theater. The back seats are high, too high, they block the view.
Right on time Stu strums his guitar, the band takes place and Bob trots in center stage. His suit is classic, hat-less.
No surprise on the set list but I enjoy the songs. At the intermission Che comes to fetch me. He found two empty seats center and about 10 rows back. Great! We dance and sing.
Bobby is a lot center stage but not for "Beyond here lies nothing", too bad!
He doesn't seat anymore at the piano (maybe for "Spirit on the water"or "Scarlet town"). He will stay up on most of the songs.  He added some harmonica on "She belongs to me".
It's saturday night in Berlin, the Theater is small but not full, I'm wondering about tomorrow sunday!

I take the train back to Altona and sleep on the Futon, a good night sleep. I grabbed a cheese sandwich at the train station, so I'm okay, just shrinking a bit.

The temperature outside is 16 degree Celsius, no rain for now.

20th of October.

we all get up late and we have a breakfast. I spend time on the computer before heading again to the Radisson Blu Hotel. No much luck with the tickets but I keep one from D.
I move to the 11th row, close to Rita. We have a good time and at the end of the show we move to the rail for the 'encore'. Bob is again in front of me.
No changing in the SetList. Falling into a 'routine'? He looks pale so close, his eyes almost closed!
Andre agreed for me to stay one more night so I will leave Hamburg on the 22sd to Düsseldorf.

21st of October.

It's a day off. I was supposed to visit Hamburg with Che but things happened and I stay at Andre's appart all day, resting and thinking.

22sd of October

I leave the nice Japanese atmosphere at 8:00 a.m  Walk to the train station and catch my train to Düsseldorf.
I've a Couch Surfing Host but I don't feel comfortable about him. He will be home not before 5:00 p.m. so I take a walk in Düsseldorf, get lost and return to the train station. I catch a subway to the venue, just to check around. At 4:00 p.m. there is already a line! Shit I didn't know it was GA.
I decide to stand on the line. I ask Joe to put my language in his car and start looking for a ticket, for D. didn't buy any for Düsseldorf. At th shoe last moment before they open the doors Che finds me a ticket and I rush in. I take my spot in front of the piano. Great! But again I spent money on a ticket.
The show is  exactly the same as the previous one. Bob was wearing his fancy embroidered suit.
I enjoy myself thought, happy to be part on the Fun.
After the show I try to call my Couch Surfing Host but he doesn't answer. His phone is disconnected. For the first time the CS is not working in Düsseldorf.
Tim, Franky, Che have the same problem. There is some kind of exhibit , the price of the Hotels are tripled. On the top of it there is a terrible storm right after the show: wind and rain.
We all end up at the train station. We're trying to get to the Airport but the trains are canceled.
We spend the night on some hard benches, Franky, Che and I.
At 6:00 a.m. we get a cup of coffee and we split. Che will take a late train, Franky a night train but since I have CS host in Berlin I go with the 7:53 a.m. train. I reach Berlin in the afternoon and rest and sleep well. My Host is an old Lady really helpful. She cooks for me. Thanks Beate.

24th of October BERLIN.

I have a nice breakfast, a good shower and be ready for a trip in the city. I know Berlin, I've been here twice already for Bob Dylan shows.
I walk around, take photos, have a Hot Dock for 1.35€, a coffee for 2.
At 4:00 p.m. I reach the Tempodrom. The usual Fans are already on line. I take the line knowing that I need to sell D.'s ticket and I need to find a free one for myself. A bit crazy!
But it works. Too late for me to be on the rail. At the intermission I move up on the right balcony with Che and Siobhain. We see the stage pretty clear, the sound is good.
Same set list. For the first time I feel bored and dream of... my mind roaming away.
Bobby! Why don't you make us a surprises! What's the problem?
I take the U7 back at Beate's flat. She made me a potatoes salad. So good! I'm starving.

I'm happy with my day : I made peace with D. over FB and I met all my good friends at the venue.
That day in Berlin was nice and warm and sunny. A bright sunny day!

Exactly what I saw.

25th of October Berlin

A German breakfast then a walk, this time on the North part of the city. I pass by Checkpoint Charlie again. The wall is down but the memory is up. They are a lot of tourists in Berlin as always. I saw the Holocaust Memorial, I passed by the Great Synagogue and other monuments but I don't want to pay for any museums.
At the Tempodrom again. The lines are formed with the same dedicated Fans. We don't share too much.
Johan and Tatiana are here filming Joachim. They're from the U.K. and decided to follow that Tour to make a film about the followers. I show them my paintings and I agree to give an interview but without my face. Just my paintings and my voice.
The tickets are difficult to get on a Friday night. It's Sold Out and the scalpers are aggressive. 
None of us (the poor Fans) will get a ticket, not even half price.
So somebody has a great idea : at the intermission the smokers are allowed to get out the venue with their ticket plus a red tag given at the doors. we find out some used tickets (some from yesterday) and figure a way to get those red tags. we're all in for the second part of the show. I move to the same spot as yesterday but I will have to stand up. 
A young Lady comes up to the mike asking people to stop taking photos or they'll be asked to leave the venue. That's the first time on this Tour. Bob must be pissed of with the photographers.
He trots on stage, grabs the center mike and moves few steps back, almost hitting George's drums.
He's mad and keep his face out of the lights. We have Zimmy tonight!
Except for his bad mood the show is the same. The crowd is packed up to full capacity.
Strange experience tonight. I did enjoy the trick to get in!
I rush to the U7 to reach `home`before 11:00 p.m. but get lost again and arrive  10 minutes after. This time there is no food. Oh well! I check my mails and go to bed.

26th of October Berlin

Up early for a breakfast. I have an appointment with the journalists at 11:00 a.m. at the Tempodrom.
I update my Blog and go strait there.
I give my interview answering some 25 questions and presenting my paintings.
Johan has bought a ticket and want to be on line right away. I join her. The Fans are slow to come today.
Joachim left so Stefano and Julia.
I get an easy ticket for 10€. Yes! I'm on line tonight and the first one at the door.
The afternoon passes slowly, so much time wasted.
I run as fast as I can. I'm the first one reaching the rail, in front of the center mike.
Great! The show will be good tonight no matter what.
The young Lady comes at the mike to give good advise.
Stu is on. Bob walks right in front of me...'Things have changed'.
I enjoy myself of course. Move my body and sing along with Bobby. I follow each and single word on his lips.
The mike is not up enough. Bob sends an angry look at Jules. His voice is not so clear.
Of course I know each one of the songs coming. No change in the Set List. No surprise.
For three shows in a row Bob is doing a 'routine'. Come on Bobby! Wake up!
I have the sensation he's looking at me when he blows in his harp. Illusion?!

I catch my U7 and try to fall asleep after a heavy diner, some kind of stew.
I make up in the middle of the night, don't know why.
I haven't see Che and Siobhain today. The atmosphere around the venue was not so friendly. I haven't talk to Franky and just said by to Tim.
Everyone is doing his business and dreaming his own dream!

27th of October

A day of.
The way to Geneva is long and narrow : 11 hours on the trains.
I'm thinking about the future.
D. didn't make it to Berlin, meaning he doesn't care to much about Bob or I.
Those Dylan Freaks are so inconsistent! Popping up and disappearing. Leaving me with a sensation of emptiness and profound solitude.
I've almost decided to end the Tour in Paris. We'll see.

I find my way to the Couch Surfing Host in Geneva. He's an Iranian. He speaks a broken French. I arrive late in the evening. He cooks me some potatoes and chicken in the microwave and I have a drink of fruit juice. I take a shower and check my mail on a large TV screen (the computer is connected).
I open the couch (this time a real couch) and sleep sound until morning.

28th of October Geneva.

The weather is warm and sunny. I do my laundry in the sink and hang it outside on the balcony.
The show tonight is seated, no need to rush.
Salieh is somewhere out for a job interview. I warm myself a lunch of spaghetti.
Around 4:00 p.m. we take a walk in the old city of Geneva.
Later we try to reach the Geneva Arena but we got lost. It is located at the end of the Geneva Airport.
Tim is already there , so is Franky and Che/Siobhain...Frederika, Rene/Rita (from Switzerland). No German freaks.
I get rapidly a free ticket, a seat on the floor.
The how starts slightly after 8:00 p.m. with the Stu noodles.
Bob is wearing that Black/Blue suit again.
I'm squeezed between a static audience. I will move at the intermission, find myself an empty seat on the aisle where I can dance and sing along.
Bob's voice is tired, he can't sing the high notes. He drinks a lot between the songs. He looks tired and moves his sticky legs up and down between songs, like his body is aching.
On 'beyond here lies nothing' there's something wrong with the sound. I look at Stu. His guitar is not working. Time for him to pick up another one, the Magic is gone.
They don't seam to play together tonight. Tired of the long journey from Berlin?
I'm kind of tired too.
Just before the end of 'Long and wasted years' there is a stage rush. I run there too, right on the rail on the left side. Immediately Barron and Big Bob are in the pit, chasing the photographs second or third row back.
Barron is hysteric, literally jumping on people, flashing a light to stop the photos.
Paradoxically after the break and during the Encore they disappear or so I think.
Alright! not the best show but I was there for free.

In the morning Salieh has taken me to visit a friend of his. She's got information about Bob owning a property in the richest quarter of Geneva, by the lake, somewhere called Colony, with golf courses.
Did he stay there?
I take the bus back to 'petit bel air' and crash on the couch. I worry a bit about my trip to Amsterdam, I didn't find a CS Host there.
Plus I worry about D. and his strange messages on Facebook; he's irrational again.

29th of October 

I catch a bus to the central train station. I worry for the traffic is heavy. I don't want to miss that train, it's a long way to Amsterdam.
I jump on the train right on time, to Basel. A right on time change in Frankfurt.
Panic in Frankfurt:  the board says the train has been canceled! Wow!
Luckily I've got some time to find out I have to change train station and finally I relax in a comfortable couch. After the ticket control I fall asleep. I can let go all the tension and stress.

20:30 p.m. in Amsterdam Central Station, crowdy and noisy. Where I gonna go to spend the night?
I step out and look for information on Youth Hostels. I didn't prepare myself well, hoping for a last moment CS Host. No miracle! I meet with Che/Siobhain just arriving from Paris, they have a room somewhere.
It starts raining. Ho! shit!
I walk around under my rain poncho, there MUST be a Youth Hostel close by...Yes! I see a sign. I follow it and get a bed for 20 euro. I'm safe! I take a warm and long shower. I'm the only one in the dorm, so I pile up two blankets on my bed and fall asleep until breakfast at 8:00 a.m.

30th of October Amsterdam

Check out and leave my bag at the YH not knowing where I gonna be sleeping after the show. Maybe with an Amsterdam Fan?
I take a pleasant walk in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, find the Van Gogh museum and spend few hours in there. SPLENDID! Don't ever miss it!
I inquire for the Heineken Music Hall, find out I have to take a train to there and I am in front of a huge hall at 3:30 p.m.
The German freaks already took the lines. I join without any ticket. A slim chance to be on the rail. What has to be, will be.
Rita, Duddy, Simone arrive later and inform me they have a pre-sail ticket. They will be on the rail before anybody else. The lie is getting longer and longer. The weather colder and colder.
Not so many tickets around. Nonetheless I find one for Stefano's girl friend for 40 euro and luckily a free one for myself.
Che, Siobhain, Frederika and Franky will get in. Tim is not around since he can't sell posters.
We all get in at 8:00 p.m. and I decide to go up, not on the floor where the visibility will be null.
The sound is not so good and Bobby is small on stage. At the intermission I go see Jason at the sound board. He says there is nothing he can do about the bad sound on the top. So I stay on the floor where the sound is perfect. Good sound , no view! Another experience.
When I was on he line I met again with Hubert who I saw in Hannover on the line. I asked him if I could stay at his place for 2 nights and he said okay! Great!
After the show we gather with 6 Fans in a cafe and talk about the show.
Hubert asks Marko if he can put me in for he's closer to the center city.
I end up on a mattress in a smoky room with Wim.
All three we listen to BD music until 2:00 a.m. and we crash on the floor. I try to stay warm and finally fall asleep from exhaustion. A difficult sleep, I'm over tired.

31st of October

Wake up at 9:00 a.m. I retrieve my bag from the YH and spend some time with Marko.
We will meet with Hubert and have dinner in a restaurant across the venue. I'm not on line today. Only the crazy German freaks are there in the rain.
I start looking for free tickets with Franky playing the guitar.
As the show time is getting closer more and more people are given away tickets. All together I will collect 8 free tickets , a record!
I keep 2 for Che/Siobhain, 2 for Tatiana and Jehan, one my myself and sell 3 for Franky. He will not do the Italian leg but spend some time with his family in the Czech Republic.
The show is usual. I'm at the beginning standing up by the sound board, hearing but not seeing. Then I move to the far right of the venue seeing Bob's back when he's on the piano and the top of his hair when he's center mike.
We move to the cafe next door after the show. Drink a bit, talk a lot...or the opposite? 
I go back to that smoky room, fall asleep on the mattress on the floor.

1st of November Milano

Get up early to catch my train to Milano. I don't wake up Marko.
The train is on time and supposed to be strait to Basel.
I find a 6 seats compartment and share with a young Lady. We make ourselves comfortable for a good sleep. 
The train breaks down 2 hours after departure. I am transferred from one train to another, noway to sleep. 
From Base to Milano I transfer 3 times, arriving F. late, past 11:00 p.m.
I have to take two metros, missed the direction and arrive at the YH at midnight.
I crash on my bench without shower nor food.

2nd of November Milano

Good shower in the morning and a continental breakfast.
I check out at 10:00 a.m. with my rolling bag. Walk towards the Central Train Station.
I meet with Rainer (a BobCat from Germany). We take a walk to El Duomo. He offers me a cappuccino and we split. I turn around El Duomo and then decide to walk to El Teatro Degli Arcimboldi. A long, long wal of nearly three hours.
The had core Fans are already there. We chat and rest at the cafe next door. Jehan and Tatiana are interviewing the Fans.
Claude is here, worried about her ticket.
The show will start 9:00 p.m. I put my sign out around 7:00 p.m. No luck. Italians are not generous!
At 9:15 p.m., without ticket, I give up. I take a seat at the cafe with Tim, his girlfriend, Jehan/Tatiana. 
I'm disappointed. No show in Milano?!
At the intermission, we surprisingly see the crowd getting out the venue. Tim rushes to see what's going on.
The smokers will get in again JUST with the ticket stub. Wow!
Che/Siobhain find one extra ticket stub for me. I'm IN!! Thanks my friends.
The second part is surprisingly with 'Desolation row' instead of the 'Early Roman kings'.
The whole audience is hysteric. At last a change!
During 'Long and wasted years', at the end, we(the BobCats) rush to the rail. I am right in front for 'All along the watch tower' and 'Blowing in the wind'. Such a great feeling!
The Theater is small(2000) but splendid. The sound is perfect, thanks to Jules and Jason.
We (25 BobCats) gather at the Pizzeria next door. Good atmosphere. The Germans at one table, the Italians and French at the other one.
Stefano drives us (Mauro, Lucia and I) to Bergamo, 60kms away. One hour drive.
Stefano invites me and his two friends at his grandparents house in the country side. I have my own bed on a mezzanine. I try to keep warm for the house though comfortable and spotless clean is a bit cold.

3rd of November Milano.

We get up late. We all have breakfast. Stefano, Mauro and I take a walk and plan the Italian leg. We eat a lunch of Lasagna before heading to the venue.
Same story for me; no free ticket. They're all in except Tim, his girlfriend, Jehan and Tatiana.
We play the trick at the intermission. Bob will play 'Vision of Johanna' again instead of 'the early Roman kings'. Is that because we're in Roma?
His voice is back (a bit lost in the first show).
We rush to the rail on 'Long and wasted years'.
The Italian public is great, so enthusiastic! a bit too much?
We all go to the pizzeria. 47 Freaks!
We arrive 'home' at 3:00 a.m. Too late for me!

4th of November Milano

Today Stefano works. Mauro and Luisa drive me to Milano in the morning. I find an Internet Cafe and spend my time requesting Hosts on my Couch Surfing account. I need Brussels, Paris, Esch, Blackpool and London. Plus I have to figure out the transportation.
I walk to the venue under the rain. I find there Joachim, Monika, Jehan, Tatiana...
No free ticket tonight neither.
We are 6 getting in at the intermission.
I meet with my good friends Rita, Dooddy, Simone. They invite me front row 
I share a large chair with Rita. Bobby is in front of me.
For 'Long and wasted year' I grab the rail when the crowd suddenly rush front.
He did 'A hard rain's a gonna fall'. He's wearing his embroider suit. He looks fit. Not smiling so much. Not even with Donnie. His voice is clear.
Stefano and I are the only ones going to Bergamo. He gives a long ride to a friend. We're home past midnight. Stefano is exhausted.

5th of November ... a day off

to give time to everybody to travel ; the roadies, the musicians, the Fans.
Stefano is tired and nervous. He drives me to Bergamo fo me to catch a train to Milano then Roma.
I have a reservation for the 11:15 a.m.
I spend some time in a Cyber Bistro. Nothing is happening with D.
I wait in front of the board to find out about my train platform when I see the crew people pilling up in front of me. I say hello to Jason, take a photo of Jules and I and see Tony around. They're traveling by train?!
The roadies and Al Santos are taking the 11:00 a.m. train to Roma. On board with Jehan and Tatiana.
The musicians are taking my train. I see Tony carrying his electric bass guitar on his back. He says 'yes, I do it sometimes'. I wait by the side of the train. I see Stu far away then Charlie walks in front of me. I say 'hello Charlie Sexton'. He smiles at me. Great! I'm traveling with the Band.
Childish attitude;catching glory from the musicians when we can't approach the King!

I arrive in the afternoon at the train station in Roma.
I'll share a room with Stefano but he's traveling by car with Mauro and Luisa. He will be arriving after me.
I roll my luggage all the way to the Coliseum, just for a look.
I catch the Metro and a bus to the Atlantico. Our room is at the Hotel Cristoforo Colombo across the venue.
Stefano has not arrived yet but I meet with Jehan, Tatiana and Radovan staying in the same Hotel. We chat.
I go to my room with Stefano. Later we'll have dinner together, all of us 5. Then we retrieve to our respective rooms.

6th of November Roma.

9:30 a.m. . Some fans are already on the line. Later on the security will 'railed' two lines. The day will be long!
Rita and Dooddy have a V.I.P. package. They will be on the rail. 5 minutes before show time Duddy passes me a ticket. I'm relieved after a moment of panic.
We run...the longest run ever... like 300 meters. Crazy! I lost my position (as I don't run so fast).
But Dooddy, as so many times before, moves back and gives me the rail. I'm on the rail, center mike, next to Rita.
Stu is on but he's carrying an electric guitar.Bob moves strait to the piano and starts..."Leopard skin pill box hat". Wow! What a surprise!
Then one by one he will change the entire set list. The public is hysteric, singing along each one of the songs.
The BobCats on the rail are looking at each other with wonder. What's happening?
The most incredible show I've ever been part of.
Bob is in heaven. He stops singing when the whole auditorium sings "Like a rolling stone".
The kind of show the followers expect day after day.
Bob turns to George and sticks his tongue out, like saying "see, I can do it, I can change the setlist, I can sing any song!".
We group after the show. We just can't believe it.
Joachim is in frenzy.
We grab some food and drinks at the "food/drink" truck, then Stefano and I walk to our new hotel. We had changed the Hotel in the afternoon.
I sleep deep until 7:30 a.m.

7th of November Roma

Back on the line. A long, long day but full of hope.
Same run, same people front. Dooddy saved me a spot.
Changing of the setlist again. No song from Tempest for the second show. Not the "Early Roman Kings" in Roma!
But the audience is different or maybe knowing that there will be changes. Not the Magic of the first night.
A great show!
We're all happy but asking a lot of questions ; why those songs from the past? Why here in Roma? Will he change the setlist from now on? Speculations are going on...
Mauro, Stefano's friend, is offering me a ride to Padova. Michele will join us. We leave one hour after the end of the show and hit the road. I'm trying to sleep, I'm exhausted.
We reach Padova at 9:30 a.m. on the

8th of November Padova

One person is on the line.Another one of those long and wasted days.
The crowd is not so friendly. Many Cats didn't make it to Padova.
In the afternoon it starts raining and I leave the line. I don't feel like waiting and then run. I'm exhausted.
I don't feel they will be any thing special tonight.
I get a free ticket and enter late just on time for the show.
Back to the ancient setlist. No "Early Roman Kings" though.
Jehan, Tatiana, Radovan, Tim, Che, Siobhain are in. We have a good time together all the way to the back of the venue.
For some obscure reason Frederika is not doing the Italian shows.
After the show Stefano's friend is driving us to Bergamo. Another sleepless night. I crash on a bed at Stefano's grand-parents house at 3:00 a.m. to get up at 6:30 a.m.

9th of November 

A ride to Bergamo train station then Milano by train then Basel to Brussels.
I'll be traveling with Che/Siobhain and it is supposed to be a non stop trip. We're ready to relax and sleep but ...
At Strasbourg we're informed than the rail track is in repair and we are asked to take a bus to Metz. Arriving at Metz with a delay there is no more train to Brussels. The French Train company offers a room at the Mercure Hotel. Fine with me. We have dinner the three of us in a Pakistani restaurant.
Then a long bath for me in a fancy room and I go to sleep.

10th of November Brussels.

I call my Couch Surfing Host and we go visit down town Brussels ; the Maniken Piss and the Cathedral. I treat myself with a 1€ waffle before heading to the 'National Forest'.
It rains and the atmosphere is not to friendly around the venue.
Franky is back with his guitar and also Frederika. I get a free ticket at the last moment and get in. The hall is huge. The sound average. I stay in the back to dance.
The old setlist again.
I tram back to my CS Host and fall asleep on the floor with a couple of blankets. It's hard but warm.

11th of November a day off

I spend my time planning the rest of the Tour. Though at the moment I envision to stop after the 3 shows in Paris.I'm tired and a bit depressed. D. is supposed to do the UK leg but somehow I don't want to see him. I fear any confrontation...about the money and the German tickets.

12th of November Paris

My CS Host takes me to the train station and I buy a Thalys ticket to Paris for 99€, a lot too much!
I find my next CS Host in the south of Paris. We have lunch and I go out visiting. I take a walk on 'Les champs Elysees' then walk to the Opera then 'Le Grand Rex'.
The Dylan bus is parked on the street, no way for Bob to avoid the crowd.
The show is at 8:30 p.m. but some scalpers are already selling tickets at a high price ; 120€. I won't buy at that price.
It's getting dark and rainy but there is a long line at the front of the Rex. The queue is forming on the pedestrian walk, passed the B.D. bus. Bob must see the Fans through the windows.
At 8:30 p.m. hundreds of Fans are outside, no way the show will start on time tonight. The security is nervous, passing by and fro. I stand in front of the bus with my sign "I need a ticket".
A quarter to nine a Lady gives me a comp ticket and  5 minutes later Barron and Big Bob are taking position around the bus. 10 more minutes and Bob is stepping out in his stage suit, trotting to the back stage door. I run to the venue and take my seat at the Mezzanine. I see the back of Bob and his hands on the piano.  The venue is a beautiful small theater, the sound is great. Same set list but a different atmosphere.
I leave the venue before the end of "blowing in the wind" and goes by the bus.  I know he won't take that bus tonight but a dark car. He moves out quickly and jumps in the car, surrounded by Barron and Big Bob.
Good night Bobby!
I have to take  a metro to Châtillon Montrouge where my CS Host is living. I don't want to be too late.

13th of November Paris

Wake up at 7:45 a.m. , take a light breakfast and out at 9:00 a.m. What I gonna do?
Jehan and Tatiana invite me to their apartment in Paris. so I go there, chat for a while.
Bob will finally get La Legion d' honneur today. We know it will be at 2:00 p.m. We decide to go there. We take the metro and walk by. The girls stop on the pavement. I decide to move on to the Ministry of Culture.
I arrive just on time to see Bob getting out of the silver gray van preceded by Barron. He's dressed like a Dandy. Some Fans are holding the rail across the street, not so many. We wait  20 to 25 minutes. The van moves back, Bob steps in. He didn't stay at the reception. 10 BobCats pack up in a bistro for a drink and food.
Jehan, Tatiana and myself we go filming the sunset at the Louvre. We then take the Metro to the venue.
The security is all over trying to find a solution to avoid yesterday queue and the half hour delay of the show.
Bob steps out of his bus at 8:25 p.m. , right on time. I buy a ticket for 20€ and rush in. I'm on the Balcony for the first part and down in the Parterre behind a chair then on an empty seat. I enjoy myself very much, relax in a cool atmosphere. Pretty decorum and respectful public.
I move out before the end of the show to see Bob jumping in his car again.
Good night Bobby!

14th of November Paris

I'm out my CS Host apartment at 9:00 a.m. in the rain with my luggage.
Last night at the show I met with Hubert who offered me a ride to Metz then Esch sur Alzette, leaving tonight right after the show.
I put my luggage in a locker at the train station and walk to Musee d'Orsay.
I spend some time there and relax with Manet, Monet, Courbet, Cezanne...; all my friends!
Danielle, a Fan living in Paris, inviting some BobCats at her apartment for Champagne and cakes.
Claude Angele, Rita, Dooddy, Simone, Andrea, Luc, Jeha, Tatiana ...we're having fun in the late afternoon. Danielle had been inside the Ministry of Culture when Bob received his Legion d'Honneur. She shares her impressions.
We all move to different directions. I go with Angela to the venue for a beer before the show.
Time for the public to get in. Franky plays his guitar.
I have a chat with Tim about D.and the money for his German tickets that I don't have. I will never do that again. I fear going to the UK for D. gonna be there and I don't want to confront him. Tim convince me that I should go for I'm on the road for Bob Dylan. I should finish the Tour.
We see Bob getting in. Non one bothers him, thanks God!
No chance for a ticket tonight.I cry, it's cold and dark. The hope is the intermission. The smokers go out with a counter mark (a piece of pink paper). Franky gives me one. I'm in for the second part. YES!
I stand by the door on the floor section. the show is a repeat of the night before. I rush to the stage at the end of "Long and wasted years". Bobby is in front of me for the end of "Blowing in the wind". He doesn't seam to look. As pale as a ghost...'Have you ever seen a ghost? No! but you heard of them'.
I go out with Hubert for a cup of hot chocolate and we hit the road towards Metz.
On the highway we pass the "beat the street" bus.
Bobby is in there sleeping?

Godd night Bobby!

15th of November day off

At a Motel F1 in UTZ, next to Thionville.
I relax, eat, sleep, write, book a flight to Edinburg(for the 17th).
Hubert is an angel ; quiet, funny, respectful, helpful, generous, smart, ...what a difference with D.!!

16th of November Esch sur Alzette

We arrive in Esch around 1:00 p.m. We find a Cafe/Bakery and spend few hours on Internet. Hubert works on his computer. That will not disturb me as it always did when D.was doing the same. Why? I have the feelings D.was doing it to avoid a conversation with me. Paranoia?
The afternoon is long... Fans arrive slowly and we drink a lot in the Cafes inside the Mall.
The BobCats are pissed of about the organization. The show was supposed to be AG first, then they added chairs in the front. All tried to upgrade but with difficulty. I buy a GA ticket for 10€ then someone gives me a free one. I pass it to Tim.
The show will start at 8:30 p.m. sharp. I'm all the way in the back. I don't see anything but hear well.
There had been confusion in the front. The BobCats were all standing on the rail but Barron, in person, will ask them to seat down. Bobby doesn't want anybody in front! Wow!
After the show we gather at the Cafe next door then Hubert will drive me to Charleroi Airport. We share about the show. I feel a bit frustrated as I was the only one of the Cats to be in the back.

At 4:00 a.m. I'm at the Airport. My flight is due at 2:00 p.m. A long, long night!

17th of November a day off

The flight is on time as 90% of the Ryanair flights, we are told.
I find out a bus out the Airport going strait to Glasgow for 10£.
One hour ride and I call my CS Host, David, who comes and pick me up at the bus station.
A walk, a cup of tea, a sandwich and a movie.
I go to sleep in my own bedroom, my own bed, after a nice warm shower.
so far so good.

18th of November Glasgow

Get up, get a bowl of cereal, a cup of coffee. David is up late. I go on the computer to hear from D. He had had a stop over at Amsterdam.
David and I decide to visit the Art Museum. We walk in the cold and who I see in front of me ... D.!
He's checking in his Hotel. I fall in his arms for a warm hug. He's tired.
We visit the Museum with David and we walk back home. I'm waiting to hear from D.. Maybe dinner together?
I spend time on the computer, updating my Blog.
In late afternoon I walk back to D.'s Hotel.
We exchange in good spirit. I give him the German tickets money I managed to collect. He says he's not mad at me though he didn't get back all his money. Why did I worried so much for?
We walk together to the venue. I get one ticket for free. D. selling his extra one.
The set list is the usual one. Bob seams a bit tipsy! Confused in the lyrics of "Duquesne whistle" and "Tangled up in blue". Too much of that good Scottish whiskey?
It makes the show quite interesting.
After the show some Fans have a drink at a bar. D. is generous and good humored.
I walk with him back to his room. We have a nice conversation. I'm hoping to stay for the night but...he calls me a taxi for me to go to David's apartment. At 4:00 a.m. I fall asleep.

19th of November Glasgow

A light breakfast, an afternoon on the computer and I move to D.'s Hotel. We have a nice late afternoon. At 6:00 p.m. D.'s wants to join a friend to a bar for a drink. I feel abandoned!
I go alone to the venue in search of a ticket. No luck.
I'm desperate when D.arrives late and brings me in the venue, grabs his two tickets from the Call Will and gives one to me. Oh! Thanks Honey. I was so happy then!
I seat next to D., 4th row, at a Bob Dylan show. I'm in Heaven!
I look at Bob's face through binoculars. He looks tired and so serious. Tonight the lyrics are clear. No whiskey?
After the show some Fans gather to a pub. I join with D.who will suddenly be distant with me. Jealousy on my part? I walk to my apartment.

20th of November Glasgow.

I know D. will have an interview with Jehan and Radovan at 11:00 a.m.
He's nervous so I decide to join them. I pick up D. at his hotel and we walk to the movie crew point, outside in the cold.
We'll be out for about 2 and a half hours. I'm happy even if cold. D. talks about our travels together in the States, he seams happy. I'm happy too. Feeling like the good time we had together on the road.
D. has an appointment with Sean, a Fan from South Africa, for lunch. I ask if I can join. We have again a wonderful afternoon.
We move again to the venue. I get a ticket. Somehow I don't feel the magic anymore. Too much involved with D. . Bob is far away from my mind! Sorry Bobby!
My CS Host had send me a message in the afternoon ; he's not happy with my attitude, so I should go and pick up my luggage before midnight. wow!
Some Fans/Friends are gathering in a pub while I go fetch my bag. We have a good time when D. decides to go out all by himself. He turns me down when I ask him to follow. I feel frustrated.

21st of November day off

My dream was to spend some time with D. but...that's too much for him.
I will not see him all day. I feel sad ; no D. , no Bob!

22sd of November Blackpool

I join D. at the train station. We travel in the same wagon, 1st class. Breakfast included.
D. is not communicative ; absent minded, sad, tired, off space... I don't feel comfortable, don't know what to do or say.
We arrive at the train station where Steve and Dennis (Claude Angel's friends) are waiting for me. They were supposed to be my CS Host. but... they stay at the Hilton. No room for me.
D. then will be less than a friend and break my heart.
He will check in at the Hilton. "I need my privacy" he said. I will check in a cheap Band B.
In the afternoon I take a walk with Radovan. We find that Bob is staying at the Imperial Hotel.
We see the musicians getting out for the sound check but somehow we miss Bob. He escaped from a side door.

I see D. at the venue with Steve and Dennis.
I get a ticket and the show is alright for me but I'm disturbed. I start to be bored?
After the show I expect to go for a drink with D. . I see him leaving with Steve and Dennis.
I'm worried for him and take a cab to the Hilton where I find him sharing a beer with Dennis and Steve.
I don't understand! What's going on?

23rd of November Blackpool

 At 10:00 a.m. I knock at the door of Steve/Dennis Hilton room. We have breakfast together.
I know D. will check out. I knock at his door to say hello. He's cold and distant. I move to my B and B. sad.

D. will play a dirty trick on me ; he will check in at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool (where Bob is staying), sharing his Imperial bedroom with Steve and Dennis. So much for his independence!
I'm staying alone in my cheap "Bed and Breakfast". Crying out my eyes, night after night!
Being 'in Love' my feelings are disturbing my judgment ;
-"I'm a wreck!"
As is well known, falling in love often leads to emotional and physiological instability. You bounce between exhilaration, euphoria, increased energy, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, trembling, a racing heart and accelerated breathing, as well as anxiety, panic and feelings of despair when your relationship suffers even the smallest setback. These mood swings parallel the behavior of drug addicts. And indeed, when in-love people are shown pictures of their loved ones, it fires up the same regions of the brain that activate when a drug addict takes a hit. Being in love, researchers say, is a form of addiction.

I'm, by now, exhausted and emotionally disturbed. I will be during the whole UK Tour.
That will poison my feelings at the shows.
I'm now seeing Bob Dylan as a distraction instead of the ultimate goal of being on the road.
I HAVE to break that relationship with D. that a good friend of mine describes as :
"Aïe aïe aïe, so this is a sado-masochist relationship between Laurette and you!".
I have to un-tightened the twisted threads.

And I find only one way. The most dramatic and cruel for a Dylan Fan. The only one that will make D. so mad at me that HE will stop the relationship.
In Blackpool, at the second show, I call the security on him. Expecting deliberately that his recording material will be confiscated and him thrown out the venue. 
But as good manipulator as he is, he will manage to remain in during the last part on the show, on the balcony. 
D. will send me an email of rupture. That's it!

24th of November Blackpool

I take a long walk on the Promenade in the early morning, sad and confused. I don't see Bob taking his walk on the Promenade. Siobhain saw him with a hat and warm coat. No hood?
I'm thinking about how to avoid D. at the venue. Go there at 6:30 p.m.
I don't want to talk to no one, not even poor Tim who doesn't understand.
I've no ticket! I'm the only one out. A scalper takes pity on me and sell a ticket for 20£. Oh thanks!
I focus on Bob. Again I see him a bit tipsy, mumbling the lyrics, getting confused again on "Duquesnes Whistle".
The guy next to me says it will be the last Bob Dylan Tour. Oh no!
So I suddenly feel happy to be here. I enjoy the last part. I'm on the road for Bob glad to be here finally!
And what ...this is not "Blowing in the wind" but YES! "Roll on John". The public is hysteric. We are close to Liverpool. Bob knows.
Thanks Bobby!
I rush to my B and B, escaping the Fans.
Bob's bus is pulling out.
Good night Bobby! Sweet dreams!

Somehow I manage to recover. I have to go on and 

Then the time will tell
Who has fell
And who's been left behind
When you go your way and I go mine

I reach London by bus since it is a lot less expensive than the train I was supposed to take with D. .
I have a CS host but I don't feel like sharing a lot with people I don't know. 
I'm pretty much a zombie by now.
The view of the Royal Albert Hall will make me recover, put my head on my shoulders and think rational.
I meet before the show with all the good people have been traveling on plus some from the last Tour in Europe.
Good souls, extraordinary souls. Fantastic atmosphere. BobCats gathering from all around ; USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, France, Czech Republic...
I'm wondering what Bob thinks being in the same venue as in 1966. Nostalgia? Pride?
The show is great. It doesn't even matter about the quality or the view or the set list or anything ....
Just the fact that Bob Dylan is still on stage and playing...that's a MIRACLE and MAGIC for itself.

I check in a Youth Hostel for the last three nights. I want to be free.

I visit the National Portraits Gallery where 12 Pastels of Bob are in exhibit.

Second show at the RAH.
I beg for a ticket. The scalpers are 'pigs'. 
D. is  bragging around about the fact that he bought an original Bob Dylan painting at the Halcyon Gallery for a value of  100 000$
I'm desperate when I see him approaching a scalper with two tickets.
I want to see the show. I swallow my pride and hurt and get to him. Too late. He sold two tickets for 50 pounds. 25 each, exactly what I was willing to pay. 
He sold them to ...a SCALPER! 
Son of a bitch!
I'm furious again.
100 000$ ...and not a free ticket for a Fan!!!
What kind of BobCat is he? What kind of Friend?

I will never be able to enter the venue for the first part of the show.
D. had had his revenge in that war game of Love and Hatred.
My good friend Tim will find a trick to get me in at the intermission.
I cry and laugh when I see Bobby on stage.
Why so much cruelty!
"How I made it back home, nobody knows
Or how I survived so many blows
I've been through hell, what good did it do?
You bastard! I'm suppose to respect you?
I'll give you justice, I'll fatten your purse
Show me your moral virtues first
Hear me holler and hear me moan
I pay in blood but not my own
D. will fly tomorrow to L.A. He won't make it to the last show.
I'm relieved.
I will enjoy the last day in London with all my soul and body.
Going to the Halcyon Gallery.
I'm breath struck by the Iron Gates. 
Can't believe the extraordinary talented man Bobby is!
‘Gates appeal to me because of the negative space they allow. They can be closed but at the same time they allow the seasons and breezes to enter and flow. They can shut you out or shut you in. And in some ways there is no difference.’

I reconcile with myself.
People with money buy the Art ...
people with Soul and Talent and Heart and Feelings and Emotions make the ART.
 rich or poor they make HUMANITY moves on.

thanks BOBBY!

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