Bob Dylan Tour U.S.A Spring 2013.

4th of April 2013
at Penn Station N.Y.
Crowdy, noisy, smelly...

On the Road again for Bob Dylan.
The last month had been crazy, so many things happened. So many changes, so many feelings, turning me up and down.
This Tour I will divide in two; first leg the North-East part with 13 shows, second leg from St Louis to St Augustine with 18 more shows.

I first realized it was impossible for me to do the first 13th shows on my own, the Greyhound buses are not going to some of the small cities. I was focusing on the second leg but also hard to do for me alone regarding the accommodations. Youth Hostels are not spread all over the States like in Europe. So I was a little bit desperate. My only chance was D. who was willing to do the whole Tour. I had to argue and promised to be a good girl. D. said it could be okay. Then with my head full of dreams ... I'm going.

The train ride from Newark airport to Buffalo was long. The train was one hour delayed. I called D. to see if he could pick me up and he did. We drive to a Motel6 where R. is waiting for us. We three crash for the rest of the night at 2 a.m.

5th of April.Buffalo

First Bob Dylan show on that Tour. It's a General Admission show. D. and myself pick up Matt at his hotel at 9:30 a.m. for he wants to be on the line early. I prefer to spend the day with D., traveling in Buffalo.
We're supposed to go to the Niagara Falls but we won't make it and end up in the Art Museum; Picasso, Dali, Cezanne, Soutine, Wharol, ... GREAT!

At 6:00 p.m. D. drives R. and myself to the venue. There's already a long line and as usual I don't have any ticket. Students with I.D. will get in there for free and they are on the same line as regular people.
It takes for ever to get in. I find a ticket for 25$. I don't expect to be close to the stage but who knows!

When I finally get in the DAWES are on. I move to the right and slowly squeeze close to the stage.

At 8:30 p.m. the Band takes position. Stu is here as expected. No Charlie but Duke Robillard instead.
Tony Garnier has moved to the left, next to Stu, then George then Duke and Donny far back. The grand piano is at the same position with the keyboard in front.

Then Bobby moves center stage and starts "Things have changed" then two more songs center mike.
Then he moves to the piano and will either seat or stand for the next songs with only two more songs center stage for "Beyond here lies nothing" and "Blind Willy Mc Tell"  .
I can see him only from far so I don't know in which mood he is. He seems okay and thinner than last tour, with a mustache?

The sound is good, his voice audible but the electric guitar is lacking of power. Unfortunately Stu is playing only acoustic guitar, and why? His electric geek was so good on "Highway 61"! We hear a lot his acoustic strumming but it's supposed to be Rock music.

Bob will end with "Ballad of a thin man"  without the echo and on piano. I miss the old version.
No introduction of the Band, no talk, and He alone for the final salute.

M. moves to his own hotel. D. R. and myself go to a 'chicken wings' restaurant and off to bed at Motel6.
I'm so happy to be on the road with D.. It's like a dream. I can't believe it!
A good night sleep next to D. but no touch.

6th of April Amherst

A crazy morning. D.'s car has a transmission problem. He decides to leave the car in Buffalo and rent a car. We are already in a rented car! so...
get the new car, download and reload, and move the broken car in a repair shop.
It took all morning and much stress but finally we are four of us; D., R., M. and myself on the road to Amherst. We reach the venue right on time for the opening of the doors. I get a ticket for 20$ and one more for D. for 20$. R. is first row. Whoa!
I got in for it's cold outside. I seat at my seat all the way up on the left of the stage. I don't want to fight for a front row or anything on the floor. I'm tired.
The DAWES are okay. I love the third song and two or more but it is no 'magic'.
The crowd is polite.

Half an hour later Stu moves to the stage strumming his acoustic guitar and the Boys take their spot; Stu and Tony on the left, George on his drum, Duke and Donnie then Bob moves straight to the mike for "Things have changed".
Same setlist as last night except that "All along the watch tower" will take the place of "Highway 61".
With Stu on acoustic guitar instead of electric it doesn't sound so powerful.
The public is more enthusiastic tonight. It suddenly wakes up after "Beyond here lies nothing".
The  venue is located inside the University so some young guys are getting a little bit exited next to me.
The show is good and Bobby is doing his best on the harmonica. But he will play again only 16 songs and looks tired, not moving so easily.
I'm happy to travel with nice Fans for being on the road is now part of the Magic. I would not like to do it all by myself again on Greyhound.
The followers are less and less. The most 'nuts' are still fighting for first row. We are a handful.

We travel towards Kingston. Beautiful landscape but the trees are all brown. The winter season had been long. In some area we can still see some snow on the side of the road. I take thousands of photos as D. likes to collect photos from his trips.
We drop R. at a train station and on the way D., M. and I stop for a little walk in a Natural Park. Some fresh air and physical exercise, good! after all the junk food they eat.

7th of April.
Day off.
A day of rest in a Holiday Inn Express in Kingston.

8th of April Kingston

Kingston being close to Newport D. is willing to have a trip there, checking around where the Newport Folk Festival was happening. Bob Dylan had play there in 63, 64 and the famous 65 where he 'turned electric'.
M. wants to stay at the Hotel so that will be only D. and I, and I'm already so happy.

Newport is a nice harbor city definitively developed for tourism. We walk to the Wharf and then to the city.
The buildings are gorgeous in all king of style. We try to get inside an old synagogue but it's closed. We have lunch in a nice healthy restaurant. We take millions of photos. We get inside one of the oldest public library of the country.
Back to the car and a 25$ bill parking lot.
We drive then to Fort Adams where we thought took place the Newport Folk Festival. But we're told it's few miles away. Reaching it we find out it's no field anymore but apartments buildings. So much for the nostalgia!

We rush to the venue but going there D. has a problem with his IPhone and get into a violent tantrum, banging the telephone on the dashboard of the rented car. He scares me, showing a terrible part of him that I didn't know. I will have some hard time to recover.
As an apology he gives me 25$ on a 50$ ticket in the third row. I cry and can hardly be happy for that seat.
Only when I see how close I am from the stage do I start to relax. I focus on Bob.
Here he is, same suite as the first show, same hat. "Things have changed" ... the exact same setlist as yesterday but the sounds seems a lot more powerful. I can clearly hear Duke's guitar.
Bob is happy, smiling a lot with Donnie.
The MAGIC is back for me after one hour of terrible distress.
Bobby is definitively thinner. His face as pale as a ghost with a goatee around his mouth that I don't like so much.
I can see him clearly on his piano standing or seating, playing often with only his right hand.
I dance on my seat since, again, the public is supposed to be seated. What a drag!

Moving out with mixed feeling, and still mad at D. I realize between tears my luck to be here and to see Bob Dylan on stage life!
Thanks Bobby!  You're the only one to give me so much happiness!
We move back to the room and I have a terrible night.

Next morning I'm still pretty chocked and after a continental breakfast at 7:00 a.m. I go out for a walk and reading my book.
We won't be leaving before 12:30 p.m. heading towards Lowell.
We decide to visit Kerouac's tomb on the way and there we find a Dylan Freak waiting for a Dylan's visit to the tomb. Good Luck!

9th of April Lowell

We reach the venue slightly before 7:00 p.m. and I start searching for a ticket.
The luck is with me. A nice well dressed gentleman proposes me a first row seat for 20$. I can't believe it is a real first row, maybe on the balcony or who know where. I move to my seat and IT IS indeed a first row seat slightly on the left side of the stage.
I see that nice Lady we saw before at shows and she says she has a seat next to her for D.
M. calls D. and we are a bunch of Fans in the front of the stage, holding the rail. I doubt we'll be able to stay right here, but again it's my luck tonight and the first row people are all on the rail for the entire show. WHOA!

Bob moves right in front of me for "Things have changed", "Love sick", "High water". I'm in heaven and wild; singing and dancing. What a night!
Bobby is doing his best. He's thin, pale and look tired. He will now stand part of the time on the piano and part seated, moving front again for "Beyond here lies nothing", "Blind Willy Mc Tell". Two of my favorite songs. "All along the watch tower" and it's already the end.
We call him back loud and strong for "Ballad of a thin man" and Bye, Bye Bobby, good night!

What a day and what a night!  the downs and the ups!
I reconcile with D. and we all three with M. have a wonderful night.

10th of April Lewiston

I don't know where is D. and M. was supposed to be down for breakfast.
Another day begins.
The Holiday Inn is a fancy hotel but the breakfast is provided only for M.
We check out late as usual and drive to Portsmouth for a meal in a restaurant with two other Fans; R. and his girl friend.
We reach the venue right on time for me to get a ticket for 25$ and one for D. for 40$. D. doesn't want the ticket for it is not a floor ticket! I make him pay anyway and swear to myself that I will not buy him anymore cheap ticket. We get in and take seat on the floor. I pick up an empty seat close to the sound board and with the binoculars I can see Bob very well.
On the song "Spirit on the water" I see his right hand making movement towards Duke; the sign is like "Play louder".
Bob is pissed! He's right for we don't hear Duke's guitar at all, compare to the loud strumming of Stu's acoustic guitar.
The setlist is exactly the same, no surprise and no magic!
The only change is his hat; black with a red feather on the side.
Until "All along the watch tower" I have the feeling that the Band don't even play together.
For me, the worst show so far and the venue is far away from being full.

Right after the show we drive towards Boston and crash in a Motel6 at 2:00 in the morning.
D. will go to Boston for three days. M. decides to follow the Tour all by himself for now on with train to Newark next morning then with his own car. He didn't invite me to join him. I will stay with D.
We have a nice tourist day in Boston but in the evening D. informs me that he's bored with the shows and that he will skip many shows coming.
I'm pissed off!
What am I supposed to do?
No way to travel Greyhound for the next 5 shows, no cheap Youth Hostel to stay in.
I HAVE to stick with D.
Two more days in Boston, and then?

12th of April
I didn't sleep much in that Super8 motel room.

We drive to D.'s sister after checking out late. We will spend two days there. I feel uncomfortable, I don't socialize easily. From St Louis and on I can catch a Greyhound but then ... where to sleep?
There is a show tonight but I won't be part of the fun.

12th of April
Still in Boston. Last night Randy, Asha, D. and myself went to some lectures. Ten scientists from famous universities like the M.I.T. had each one 5 minutes to present their last research on science matters; astrology, biology, economy, communication...
Interesting but I'm afraid I didn't understand all. I got the concept though.
In Boston, here seats the prestigious M.I.T. and the HARVARD university.
I feel like stupid!

Bob played in Newark DE and didn't change his setlist. M. was there, I missed the show.
I don't feel comfortable in this family and D. is distant. He's nice though; I felt asleep on a coach and he brought me a sleeping bag.

 13th of April
A new free day in Boston.
I go to a dance class with Tria D.'s sister. They call it NINA - I believe .It is a mix of Taichi, Capuera, African dance ... I do my best to follow the steps.
Then D. will accompany me to the Fine Art Museum. I stay there for four hours while D. goes with his family. They have dinner out. I decide to stay home.

14th of April Ithaca

Time to be on the road again for Dylan.
D. drives all the way to Ithaca. Six hours drive, almost non stop.
We reach Cornell University at 5:00 p.m. The show is General Admission, the doors will open at 6:00  p.m. for the concert starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight with the DAWES.
Three lines are formed and I pick up one at random.
M. is nowhere to be seen. Jayne is here and Johanna and Jay and Sue., not so many!

My door - by change - opens slightly before six and I run. I find myself on the rail, right in front of the piano. D. is behind me, Jayne on my left. We chat before the Dawes are on.

The Dawes are okay. The music is not bad.

The Band takes position after Stu.
Bob moves to the front mike ... hat-less, dark/white hair floating on his head, white boots in his feet.
The setlist didn't change. Personally I don't mind for I love the songs, some are my favorites at the moment.
"Things have changed", "Love sick", "High water" center stage, he will then move to the piano.
I can see him well, using mainly his right hand, his left hand moving loose on his side.
He moves often to Donnie and they have a good laugh. I see Donnie giving Bob an applause at the end of one song.
I dance and sing. Not so wild as I would like for Jayne is the quiet type.
The public is young and enthusiastic - this is again a university campus -. Good for Bob and the Band.

After the show things start to be complicated; M. is somewhere and again rented a Hotel room without consulting, way too much expensive for me.
I have an argument with D. about the budget, my budget 
But I love him and subdue; we'll go out for a pizza together. The pizzeria offers an open-mike to musicians. We have a good time there.

15th of April Ithaca
We have an argument again about a Hotel room. I do my best to find a cheap Hotel but D. has some other priority. I, one more time, subdue to his will and spend too much money just for a bed.
I depend on D. now. A plan "B" is always in the back on my mind, that would be to be stuck somewhere in a Youth Hostel waiting for the 26th of April when I'll be able to join Stefano in Louisville and rent a car with him.
In the mid time I follow D. in a winery for some test of wine. We had a pretty good day but without Bob I feel like just a tourist.

16th of April   Ithaca
We'll skip the Richmond show, so we have plenty of time left for the the Bethlehem show.
We'll be visiting more wineries and drinking more wines.
We'll be hiking in a nice Park following a river, enjoying a day of nature and nice talks. D. is beautiful when not under stress.

17th of April Philadelphia
We spend the evening in Downtown Philly., dining in an Italian restaurant then taking a walk in the Historic area, taking night photos.
D. decides - surprising me - to sleep in the car for the rest of the night.

18th of April Bethlehem

We drive around Philly Historic downtown and enter the Fine Art Museum around 11:00 a.m.
I will spend 4 hours 'drowned' in the Art of the 19th and 20th centuries. 
A moment of WONDER!

We then drive to Bethlehem.
M. is there and other Fans. I get two tickets and sale one. The show is free for me tonight.
I move easily to the floor section.
Stu is on and the Boys.
As soon as Bobby appears Fans move to the front from behind. I take a chance. I find myself right in front of the mike behind the two first rows of Fans on the rail. 
The security guard on my left is lazy. He will not ask anybody to retrieve their seats. I squeeze myself as close as possible to the front row Freaks. I will stay there for the entire show! Standing and dancing! Whoa!
And what a show! Bob is at his best, so is Duke on his white guitar.
Stu is dripping sweat, strumming so hard on his acoustic guitar.
The MAGIC is back.
"Beyond here lies nothing" rises the public to their feet.
I will pay for a ticket just to hear that song. Wonder of wonder!

WHAT a day for me. One of those unforgettable days on the road that makes the trip worth the pain.

19th of April to Akron

That will be one of the most stressful days on the road.
D. has to drive all the way to Buffalo - 6 hours drive - to pick up his repaired car, return the rented car and drive 4 and a half more hours to Akron. A challenge.

We make it on time, thanks to the 'professional' driving of D. I just have a profound admiration for his dexterity in manipulating a car and the G.P.S.
I buy myself a ticket - even two -. 
The venue is 'unfortunately' a theater, no way for me to get to the pit.
I seat on the first balcony. I have a full up view of the stage.
I see all members of the Band 'fighting' hard to make that show a good one. The sound is perfect though Bob's voice is a little bit weak for the first songs on the piano. That will get better.
Hatless again, dressed in white and white boots. He looks so skinny from far away!
The public is waking up during "Beyond here lies nothing" followed by "Blind Willy Mc Tell".
Nice choices, some of my favorite songs.
He will do "Summer's days' for a change.
Duke was on the red guitar, but this time the sound was good. He even started to move, not as Charlie but ...

We meet with April after the show. She's so happy all the time! 

D. drives me to a Motel6. He's moody and angry. At what? At me. For what?
It's time for us to split.
That will be Kalamazoo ...  

 20th of April Kalamazoo

We get up at the Motel6 in the snow  after a 'burned out' sleeping night. D. is still sleeping and I get some coffee - he will not drink??-
We check out late as usual. without telling me he will stop on the way at the "Original pancakes house".
Nice surprise, if only he had told me. D. drives fast to reach the venue at 7:00 p.m. He's acting nice with me since I told him we're splitting and I'm going to Bowling Green with April and Chris.
I can't figure him out.

At the venue I get a ticket and go strait to the front row. I meet with a Fan and talk to him. He agrees to drive me to the next few shows. Great!
for now I'm next to Alrik and Dan just arriving from Germany. We are BobCats packed in the front row.
As soon as Stu is on, I grab the rail. Here I am on the left of the stage with Bob so close.
Bob take the mike with a look of surprise on his face. Then he LOOKS at the public. At some point I believe he looks strait at me. Delusion!
What a show. It seems like in Europe.
The best show for me so far. With the same set list? So what! I LOVE it!
Bob is happy, the public is wild.
"Ballad of a thin man" and the lights are on. We all comment. D. was also on the rail.
I look for April and Chris by the merchandise stand. I do the transfer of my luggage from one car to the other. I have an argument with D. I'm relief to be FREE at last.

Chris drives us to a nice Hotel with a Jacuzzi in the room. We talk until 2:00 a.m. I'm happy to have a two ways conversation, someone to talk WITH. I'm not so nuts after all. Those bachelors boys have something going on.

21th of April Bowling Green

Only three hours of driving and we are in Bowling Green. We breakfast/lunch in a Ihop. We check in a fancy Hotel.
We move to the venue at 7:00 p.m. and I start my search for a ticket. It's tough tonight, people prefer to get in with their extra tickets instead of selling it for 10$1 Weird! I finally get one for 20$
April doesn't want her seat on the floor, so I borrow her ticket.
Alrik, Dan and myself try to get to the rail but the security is strict tonight - I never fight the security -.
I end up on the left side of the stage, kind of 4th row. Not bad. I see the head of Bob on his piano.
The set list is the same with "Summer's days", the only song that Bob will switch for "thunder on the mountain".
Duke is good on his red guitar. Bobby is okay but never smiling or exchanging looks with Donnie. the public will be asked to be seated. We don't have the wilderness of yesterday. 
I made it to "Bowling Green" unexpectedly so I'm happy.
We all meet at the merchandise Stand and Dan agrees to drive me to Chicago where he lives for tonight and tomorrow night - day off - joined by Charles.
We hit the road as soon as my luggage is in the car. Dan drives 4 hours and I crash on an air mattress in Dan's apartment at 3:30 a.m. We gained one hour by the time zone.
I'm happy and confused ; happy for I'll be able to see more shows, confused for I miss D. already. Or the "ghost" of D.
The news of the day was the release of the summer dates, the U.S.A. again. Dan and Charles are already planning their summer trip. Most of the show will be G.A. but it's some kind of festival on the road so Dylan is not the only performer. It seems complicated.

22sd of April
A day off in Chicago.
We get up late. After a nice lunch with decide, three of us - Charles and Cody (Dan's room-mate) - to go to the Art Institute. I want to see the "White crucifixion" by Chagall. They present a Picasso exhibit. I have a great time.
We have a quiet evening when D. calls. He feels lonely in Chicago and proposes to come with a pizza. 
He surprisingly forgot the bottle of  wine.
He's kind and sweet with me. Somebody says he came for me. Flirting. Whoa!
How do I have to feel and what do I have to think?
I say bye to D., hoping to see him in Champaign. I love him and don't understand why for I know he's got no feelings for me - An old bitch I am -.

23 rd of April St Louis

We get up at 8:30 a.m. and leave at 9:30 a.m. Driving towards St Louis.
Dan is driving nicely and he's quiet. We eat at a BBQ with two other Fans. We then check in at the HYATT while Bob is at the RITZ.

The St Louis show is inside a small Theater; capacity 3.000.
I see some scalpers out and it's pouring rain. For the first time I ask at the Box Office for a ticket. They pull out a 5th row on the right. Someone encourage me to buy it. OKAY!
We all seat with a good ticket. Julia - from Austria - just joined the group with the Germans.
I take my seat for the Dawes and fall asleep. I hear them in a dream. It takes me 20 minutes to revive myself. I'm fully awake when Stu strums his guitar.
Bobby appears dressed in black with red straps on the sleeves of his jacket, white hat on.
Right away I know the sound will be perfect. The Band in their full energy, well together and loud. Bob's voice is good, incredible after so many shows.
I just drift away on "Scarlet town", suddenly thinking of D.
The highlight is always "Beyond here lies nothing". The public react wild. Followed by "Blind Willy Mc Tell".
Duke is wild on "All along the watch tower". Bob looks at him and seems to mention that he's happy with his performance.
Plus Bob had a good laugh with Donnie in the dark - I can see them - it makes me think Bob is happy tonight.
I focus on his legs and just before "Ballad of a thin man" I see him lifting his right leg to the piano and banging twice on a key! funny! Crazy Bobby!
The show is great. The best sound so far.

We slowly move out. I rush to the Merchandise Stand. D. is not there.

A good night sleep at the Hyatt.

24th of April Springfield

We get up early so the boys will be able to get on the Internet and buy tickets on line for the summer Tour.
I get myself a coffee at Starbuck downstairs and search in vain for a computer.
We check out at noon. Dan wants to take me to visit the Arch of St Louis.
We have a good time inside the Museum then up the Arch. High, so high! The sky is blue so we have a great view on the Mississippi river. Bob didn't play Mississippi, too bad!
We hit the road towards Springfield and stop at a road restaurant for lunch.
We reach Springfield MI at 6:30 p.m.  I get rapidly a free ticket.
We meet with the German group and right away I find my way down, on the floor by the rail.
I don't know if I'll be able to stand there the whole show but I take my chance. I stand right in front of the piano, to be able to see Bob's hands, a great spot.
Stu strums on his acoustic guitar and here is Bob with the same suite as in Buffalo with the white hat. The triangle mirror is blocking my view when Bob steps back on center mike.
He seems to acknowledge the three of us on his left side and he steps forward as if he wants us to see him. Delusion or reality? 
The three first songs are miraculous ; Bob is singing for us. He's looking strait at us on his left side. Whoa!
At the piano I can clearly see his hands and fingers. He's using his left hand tonight, more than usual.
The setlist doesn't change, I know exactly what he gonna be playing next.
So close to the stage that I feel like part of the Band. I don't know what's going on behind me. I don't want to know.
I hope Bobby enjoy himself as much as myself.

Dan is driving us to a Days Inn, cheap hotel.
I try to sleep but I have to share with C. and have some hard time falling asleep. C. is not D.!
C. is in a bad mood as soon as he's up. He'll be mad at me all day long and I don't know why.
We reach Champaign in the afternoon after six hours drive - by Dan -.
The arena appears huge, someone talks of 17000 people but in fact only few thousands.
I pull up my sign "I need a ticket, please" and some guys give me two comp tickets. At the same time C. find me a good seat ticket for free and want me to go with him. I sell the two comp tickets for a good price and decide to wait for D..
We have a conversation. He'll leave the Tour after Louisville to go back to Oregon where he wants to buy himself a property. The same dream as last Tour. The same nightmare for me. I'm losing a driver and a good friend.
I take my seat after trying in vain to sneak close to the stage.
I enjoy myself anyway. I'm a spectator tonight.
Bob will play " Workingman's blues #2" as a surprise. Thanks Bobby!  Other than that he will do his job.
I don't feel the Magic tonight. I'm nonetheless happy to be here.
We move out. I want to go back to Chicago with D. and his friend J. But it's clear with C. ; if I go back with D. I can't travel with him anymore. Those BobCats are crazy NUTS ; jealousy and fear!
Dan is a nice young man but C. is the Boss with a disturbed mind.
I feel the tension in the car. For a little incident in the morning I start to argue with C. He immediately call D. on his phone and asks him to take me to Chicago. D. and J. are on their way. C. and Dan will drive me to D's condo in Chicago.
Poor D. he has to rescue me one more time.
I will spend three days there and miss the Murray show for D. is not going. 

26th of April  day off
I'm at D. condo. He's sleeping. I'm writing and reading. I had a good night sleep in full security. I trust D. 100%.
D. is dealing on the phone with TicketMaster to get a refund on the tickets he's not gonna use after Louisville.
He's arguing for more than one hour. That's exactly why I never buy my tickets in advance. Many times I had the rail for free!
I read a book on Keith Richards and in the evening watch T.V. with D. We drink white wine and we have a nice time just relaxing.
I sleep like a baby, ready for a new start. That will be a new adventure without D. but with Stefano from Louisville and on.
I skip Murray, first because I want to stay with D. , second because J. - my plan 'B' is not going to Murray -.
Hopefully Bobby won't do "Duquesne Whistle".

28th of April Louisville

I went to sleep last night completely drunk just to be able to fall asleep.
D. dragged me to a restaurant with one of his ant and two cousins and went all by himself to some friend's house.
I wake up early trying to control my anxiety for I know D. will be playing with my nerves.
We're supposed to be leaving Chicago at 11:00 a.m. It's almost 1:30 p.m. and D. is playing with his equipment; recordings, computers, photos...
We leave the condo at 2:00 p.m. I'm on the verge of a breakdown.
D. is in a bad mood, driving fast. We don't talk for miles on until he puts a Bob Dylan album on. We sing along and the atmosphere relaxes a notch.
He suddenly tales me we are losing one hour crossing the state. I won't get upset but worried for I need a ticket for the show.
He puts me on his telephone to deal with some tickets waiting at the will call. I can't handle the situation and feel frustrated and stupid. D. is mad at me. On the back of my mind I know that will be our last trip together. Too much tension!
We pull up at the venue at 7:30 p.m. Luckily and surprisingly the show is at 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday.
I meet with Stefano who arrived from Italy.
A Lady proposes me a ticket. I see it is a 'pit row C', an excellent seat. She asks just for 30$. My luck after a morning nightmare.
I immediately take my seat. I've got an excellent view on the piano.
The show is of course fantastic for me. I focus on Bob and the music, oblivious of anything else.
The show is not long enough though to pay back for the trouble and the pain. The hurt is deep.

We - R., Stefano and myself - have a last meal with D. D. will say goodbye -farewell? -and drives back to Chicago. He'll go on with his crazy life.
The rest of us check in a cheap hotel for a shower and a good night sleep. I now share a bed with R. He's no D.

29th of April
We rent a car for the rest of the trip. Stefano and I will pay, R. will be the driver.

30th of April Ashville

We reach Asheville in early afternoon. Stefano will keep a spot on the line. It is general admission.
I switch position with Stefano for him to visit the city. I feel tired and depressed waiting in the sun. Few BobCats are queuing, it's not fun anymore. Luckily Joachim is entertaining by playing Bob Dylan songs on his guitar.
Around 5:00 p.m. I take a walk and bump on Bob Dylan's bus pulling in the parking lot. I play 'cat and mouse' with Barron. I just can have a glimpse  of Bobby getting outside of his bus - all hooded - for his sound check. A new song tonight?
We run for the rail at 6:35 p.m. I find myself at the usual spot;in front of the piano.
The show is good. Duke is making an effort to be wild. "Beyond here lies nothing " is the highlight.
For a moment it feels a little bit like Europe. For a moment it feels like a routine; we know what gonna be next.
We move out. I'm counting another show on the board.
We have a bite in a pub and retrieve to sleep. Our group of three is calm and quiet.
I miss D. and his outgoing, I miss our fights, I miss the whole of him.
I'm sick of love, I wish I'd never met you
I'm sick of love, I'm tryin' to forget you.
Just don't know what to do
I'd give anything to
Be with you. 

1st of May Charlotte

I don't know why but I thought Charlotte was a nice little town. Wrong; it's depressing and raining.
With Stefano we take a walk in downtown area while R. meets with a friend at the motel. We go to the wrong venue and we don't have R. phone number. D. - one more time - will rescue me on the telephone.
It will come out alright and we all meet at the "TWC uptown amphitheatre". 

Joachim and Stefano. 
Bobby is sleeping in his bus right behind us!

We all buy cheap tickets. The show is outdoor. It's cold and rainy. The crowd is drunk already. I'm 4th row center, up and dancing. The public is not respectful, chatting too much. Not the best show ever.
We retrieve to the room and try to sleep. I start to be tired of the road. I have to put D. out of my mind. So hard!

2sd of May Raleigh

We check out quickly from that crappy hotel. We get some kind of breakfast at a Starbuck Cafe and hit the road to Raleigh, strait on highway 85 East.
We rest a bit in the afternoon. Fool around trying to find the "Rolling Stone" magazine with 40 years of Bob Dylan interviews.
We reach the venue at 6:30 p.m. Same kind as yesterday; open air, amphitheater with lawn.
The boys bought some rain ponchos, I have a large plastic bag - gift from United Airlines -.
The scalpers are all around, that will make it tricky to get a good cheap ticket. We hear the Dawes from out. So maybe I don't even have to get in. R. gets a ticket for 10$. At the last moment someone gives me a comp ticket for free. We get in. I buy posters for D.. Should I?
I move to the rail where R. finds an empty seat. He'll be on the rail, center mike for the whole show. Good for him! I play 'cat and mouse' with the security and manage to stand on the aisle 20 rows back. Not so bad! The public is drunk and noisy but I enjoy myself with some good humored freaks. We have fun.
Same setlist with "Thunder on the mountain". Bobby without a hat.  

3rd of May 
Riding along the East coast, looking for something nice to see. The Ocean is far away from the road. We take our chance in Myrtle Beach but it's a crappy place. We have a look at the Ocean. Rough waters. We decide to move on Charleston and check in at the Airport Inn. for 2 nights.
D. is somewhere in California trying to buy a property for winery.
Bobby is somewhere in Charleston.
But me, I'm still on the road
Trying to stay out of the joint

4th of May Charleston

The 'airport Inn.' is over the bridge. High water everywhere!
We decide to have a look at downtown Charleston. R. goes on his path. Stefano and I take a walk.
The plantation houses are huge and reflect the luxury of the city. They made good money on slavery time!
The jasmine perfume is floating in the air. We have a pretty good time!  
We ride to the venue at 4:30 p.m. This is G.A. but only the hard core fans are queuing; Joachim - forever playing Bob Dylan songs - , Alrick, Daniel, Julia, Denise, Row ...John is here too. We exchange few words. I buy his extra ticket.
R. is in a state of panic; he locked the car keys inside the truck of the rented car. Whoa! 
Surprisingly I'm not worried. I focus on the show tonight. It has to be one without pain and grief.
We all run to the rail. I take my usual spot, by the piano. On my left John on my right Stefano. Can't be better.
The weather had been stormy all afternoon, we'll get rain and wind. 
We kind of appreciate the DAWES... for half an hour.- longer would be a sacrifice -.
Stu is moving on and the Band.
Bobby appears with ... a hat. Oh my! Crazy Bobby, for the wind will play funny tricks with that hat! Trying to blow it away. Bob doesn't lose his composure, holding that hat with his left hand, grabbing the mike with his right hand.
The rain will not disturb my good humor. R. recovers the keys right before the Dylan set. Great!
The show is excellent. Good sound in spite of the wind.  
The best so far for me. Duke is getting better and better on his white or red guitars. Stu, Tony, George and Donnie giving the most they can to highlight this crazy Artist who strikes on his piano with all his soul and the rest of his physical abilities - his left hand floating often in the air -.His  gaze lost in a distant universe, inaccessible to my mind. Ignoring  the enthusiastic crowd and oblivious of the first row which worships him so much. So close and so far! I LOVE you Bobby!
We all move out slowly. Happy to have been part of some 'historic' moment. For sure Bob Dylan will be in the "Book of Artistry",  among the Best.

I give John the posters I bought for D.
We return to our hotel for a good night sleep, all happy.  No party, no over excitation, just Peace in mind.

5th of May St Augustine

We reach St Augustine - final destination of that Tour - in the afternoon. We check in a motel by the beach.
Stefano and I take a walk on a white sand. R. is resting in the room. 
We all jump in the car when we realize the show will start at 7:00 p.m. on that Sunday evening.
The venue is again open air. It had been raining crazy for 3 or 4 days in a row, but no rain tonight.
The G.A. is difficult to access, no way I'll be able to reach the rail. I chose to stand up above the stage.
I meet with my good friend Oscar - from Mexico city - Joachim is in and John. Alrik, Daniel, Julia are on the rail. R. is down on my right, left of the stage. No one else I know. 
We expect a little surprise for the last show ... no surprise. Even the break is shorter than usual. The Bob Dylan bus is ready to pull out half an hour before the end. Bobby is going back home!

This show is the most broken hearted. I feel so sad! The end of a big adventure, the end of a dream which came true.

I see the bus pulling off.
Bye, bye Bobby! Have a nice trip back.
Thanks for all!

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